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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!


What a delightful smattering of hot mess outfits at the Mad Men premiere.

Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s last week if you missed it. Who wore a Spongebob sweatshirt without pants? Who wore something that looks like a botched Project Runway challenge? (Hint: quite a few ladies). Who nailed the LBD and who didn’t?

Check it out and make your picks for BEST, WORST, and WTF celebrity look of the week! Mine are below.


Cameron Diaz is wearing a little black leather dress (LBLD), and I like it. She kept it simple.


I really like this outfit on Chloeë Sevigny because it’s playful without being utterly wacky. That makeup though…



I think this is all wrong for Christina Hendricks, the skirt especially. Or maybe the top especially. Separate they’re not horrible, but together, they’re kind of a mess. Love her hair though.



Cobie Smulders sure looks smouldering, AMIRITE??? HA HA HA. This is a very severe look, but I think she pulls it off well. She’s channeling a little Jennifer Connelly.



What in the everloving hell is Dianna Agron wearing? This has to be one of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen. It looks like a really bad Project Runway challenge, unless the challenge was, “Designers, please create something dreadful, using whatever materials necessary. Make it work!”



It’s like, is Dita Von Teese even a real person anymore? She’s like a pinup angel, sent to us to make us all feel bad. Or something, I don’t know. My point is, she looks amazing.



This is a different look for Elisabeth Moss, from makeup to outfit, and I like it. Girl is FIT.



Idina Menzel in the most boring, unimaginative dress ever. I thought we were done with Herve Leger. So overplayed.



I usually support all of January Jones‘s fashion choices, but this one has me stumped. “Designers, your challenge is to take this pile of old Halloween superhero costumes and make a gown for January Jones. You have 20 minutes. Make it work!”



Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt promoting her new line of maternity wear for A Pea In The Pod clothing. Um, can we talk about how bad this hair color is for her? Completely washes her out.



Here’s Jessica Paré at the Mad Men premiere. Every time I see this chick, she looks more and more like David Bowie. This is totally something Bowie would have worn in his Ziggy Stardust days. For her, I’m not really into it.



And here’s Jon Hamm, looking like he was just told he has to go vegan for the rest of his life (I kid, I kid!). Seriously though, how uncomfortable does he look? I love the color of the suit, but not the fabric. It’s weirdly shiny.



It’s Kate Upton‘s big movie premiere! She went a little demure, I like it. But I don’t like the neckline at all. For this cut of dress and for her figure, two straps are better than one.



Kate Winslet keeps it simple and sexy. Damn I miss her red hair. Which was like…a million years ago, I’m aware.



Do we like this hair on Katy Perry? I’m unsure. But I’m sure of me not liking that dress. “Designers, please bring back the worst designs from the late ’80s, go ape, make it work, etc.”



Here’s miss Kiernan Shipka in a dress that’s honestly a little couch/drapery-like, but it’s a good cut and color on her, so I’ll allow it. I’LL ALLOW IT, DESIGNERS.



Oh, Lady Gaga. This is so WTF it’s delightful. She’s like your creepiest stuffed animal come to life. Magic!



Lea Michele is really into lingerie-inspired clothing, and I’m not. Not into the hair either. It would be a way cuter dress if I didn’t see it and feel like I caught her in the middle of changing.



Rachel Zoe sporting some very ridiculous proportions. Can we all agree that this is a mess?



Rita Ora is totally becoming Katy Perry. Doesn’t this seem like something she would wear? I don’t like the Spongebob sweatshirt with heels combo, but hey, that’s just me. And probably most people.



I like Rose McGowan‘s Nancy Sinatra inspired outfit. I really do, that’s not sarcasm.



Here’s Taylor Swift with a cat and a coffee. She just does everything better. She should be the spokesperson for J. Crew, not Keds.



And finally, Tom Cruise, in an ill-fitted suit. It’s both too tight and too loose. Well done, Tom.


BEST: Elisabeth Moss
WORST: Rachel Zoe
WTF:  Lady Gaga

Your turn!

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  • BEST: Rose McGowan

    WORST: Lea Michele

    WTF: January Jones (Gaga and Katy Perry and Rita Ora could be chosen any week and I think we just leave them off the voting block in the future)

  • Maybe it was the camera angle but Kiernan Shipka’s head is huge!! It looks way too big for the rest of her body!

    • I’ve noticed that MOST actors/actresses seem to have bigger than normal heads for their bodies. Dustin Hoffman was one guy I met in person who, though he’s a tiny guy, has a huge melon on top of his shoulders.

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