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Amanda Bynes Posts New Twitter Pics


Amanda Bynes is back on twitter, and she’s back to posting pics — but they’re totally normal. It looks like maybe she got the help she needed, because the girl seems well-adjusted and healthy, at least judging from the pics she posted. Though she’s had problems with her family in the past, these photos (above and below) show her smiling with her parents at an FIDM fashion show.


I think she realizes that anything she posts on Twitter is going to be carefully scrutinized, and I think it’s great she’s showing this happy side. Hopefully she knows what she’s doing. It seems like she’s on a good path. It seems like a completely different person.

Cannot even image what she had to go through to get here.

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  • I’ve never been a fan but I am glad to see she is recovering. Her eyes do look different. Before, when she wasn’t wearing sunglasses and you could see her eyes, it looked as if no one was there behind the eyes just a glazed hollow stare void of a person inside. Whatever they’re doing to help her and keep her healthy looks like it is working. There is a person again behind those eyes. I hope she continues to be healthy. At first her antics were funny until it became clear something was very wrong. I am glad Amanda got the helps she needed. She still has a road ahead though. I wish her the best.

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