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Amanda Bynes is Back on Twitter

I’m not really sure how to feel about Amanda Bynes‘ return to the world of social networking. She’s doing so well since leaving rehab – she’s studying fashion design, spending time with her parents, receiving treatment for schizophrenia and Bipolar II and starting to get her life together again. Twitter is where a large part of her breakdown took place for all to see, so I’m not sure returning to it is a great idea, but here we are.

Amanda took to Twitter on Saturday to thank her longtime fans for sticking with her and to offer a mini update on what she’s got going on these days. She’s also deleted all but two of her previous tweets, which were retweets from followers. One of those is a picture of her as a Teletubby. Take from that what you will, I suppose.


I think she needs to maybe come away from Twitter and stuff, but who knows, maybe she can handle it.

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