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Which Pop Star Is Renting A Man?


Blind Gossip has a good, silly one for us. Apparently, there’s a very famous older female pop star who is using a service called “Rent-A-Gent”. From Naughty but Nice Rob via Blind Gossip:

Which aging pop legend has been using Rent A Gent? Rent A Gent offers quality, skilled and handsome men available for “rent,” and they already have one very famous fan!

Good for her!

Female Pop Legend:

Lots of people are guessing either Madonna or Cher.

I checked out Rent-A-Gent and it’s a crappy tumblr site. I sincerely doubt Madonna or Cher is using this service.

But let’s guess!

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  • If you look at the tumbler page it seems to be a company that rents gents to do random things around the house for people that cant/don’t want to do it themselves…like putting up bunk beds and moving sofas, and in one case putting together a hot wheels wall track on Christmas day….soooooooo I don’t think it’s as salacious as hoped