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Katy Perry Broke Another Record


Katy Perry broke another record — she’s got herself 50 million followers on Twitter, ousting Justin Bieber as the most followed artist. You go, Katy! She now stands tall on Twitter above The Beebs and The Gags. Curious about other Twitter music superstars? From Billboard:

Other high­-ranking artists on Twitter include Britney Spears at 35 million, Rihanna at 34 million and Justin Timberlake at a little more than 30 million in total. (Oh, and the President of the United States, of course, but despite his 41 million followers, we won’t rank him until he releases an album.)

In fact, music remains the most-discussed topic on all of Twitter, with more than 1 billion tweets sent about music in 2013.

Do YOU follow Katy Perry on twitter? Who are some big name artist you follow? Everybody’s got at least one. I follow Katy, even though I’m still eye-rolling a bit after her big boob comment. But I can’t help it, I love her.

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