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Here’s a Pic of Justin Bieber Sucking a Stripper’s Nipple


Justin Bieber must be missing the simplicity of his infancy, because he’s been busy sucking on the nipple of a stripper who’s apparently old enough to be his mother. TMZ published the photo, which somehow made its way online and shows what Big Man Justin gets up to on his off time. Apparently the stripper was hired to “entertain” Justin and Co. while in the recording studio in Los Angeles recently, and he and friend Khalil Sharieff (the same bro who was with him through the DUI debacle) decided to latch on.

Yes, let’s blur the nipple. That’s really the most offensive thing happening here.

I don’t even have words for this – I’ll just allow the mental scarring we’ll all have from looking at this photo take its hold. The fact that they both have their eyes closed takes it to a whole new level, too. What are they thinking about? I suppose it’d be creeper if they were looking at each other, but this is just so many levels of wrong. So many.

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  • This just compounds the smell of bullshit that I got from Scooter’s interview where poor baby Beiber laments that just because some woman (who happened to be an adult film star) filmed him sleeping that it’s so unfair that we assume she was a hooker.

    • yea, idiot… any idea how stupid you comment is ? blame some else because you want to look at nasty stuff while someone else is giving you money to do work.

  • There have been so many mom’s of prepubescent girls defending this kid (for obvious reasons)…i want to hear them defend him now. “oooooh, he’s just a boy who is estranged from his mommy too much because he is an entertainer! he’s really looking for a mommy!” riiiiiiiiiight. all i know is, back in my day, Shaun Cassidy may have DONE this shit, but he was smart enough not to let people take PICTURES! hahaha

      • The same thing your kids’ll be saying about Justin Bieber in 30 years.

        (If you’re being serious, he was a 70’s ‘heartthrob’ singer & the younger 1/2 brother of David Cassidy – David played the oldest brother in The Partridge Family.)

    • Wow. You would think, that will all the millions and billions of dollars that Justin made on his really crappy music… he would at least spend his money well, and suck on a better looking pair of TATAS. With the money he has, he should be sucking on a pair of tata’s of someone like…Megan Fox, or Shakira…. not some nasty ass stripper. His music was always insanely stupid, but apparently his taste his too.

      • Dude, he was / is banging Selina Gomez… I’m not saying she is the hottest around, but she is sexy for sure. His taste in women is fine… Plus, strippers are always fun, and you can pick when the “C” team comes out, it has happened to the best of us!

  • You people do not know who I am so this is what I am going to say about justin fucker he is a ***** I mean it evin if he is cute :)
    He is cute right am I right o yes I am yes I am ok I will stop >:( ok by bieber I mean by cutesy see you soon
    And this is for da bieber
    People are making BAD videos of u on the internet >:(
    I love u justin bieber or cutie or bj or my name starts with a j so

  • I don’t think that’s JB in that photo. Nevertheless I know his capable of sucking a grandmas milkshake…

  • Usually, if a stripper lets you lick her tits, she will probably let you jizz on them as well. I wonder how many visitors she had on her before they came around.

  • This is bullshit. That photo is photoshopped. CAN’T YOU SEE. Thats not even his top. Second he was not in the usa when that photo was “taken”. TMZ got a fine about it. And that picture of justin. Him in the same pose as that. SAME POSE, SAME PICTURE, SAME PICTURE is on my sisters wall in front or a gate. Get a life and don’t believe TMZ’s stories. THEY ARE LYES