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Justin Bieber Won’t Face DUI or Drag Racing Charges

justin bieber

Because Justin Bieber is rich and white, it’s no surprise that he can pretty much raise whatever hell and break whatever law he’d like and not have to face any consequences for it. Despite the fact that he and his cronies blocked off an entire street in Miami to drag race on, and the fact that Justin got behind the wheel despite the fact that he was drunk and high out of his mind (and was subsequently arrested – which he resisted), apparently all charges have been dropped and the only ones he’ll be facing are for resisting arrest. Yay, justice system!

According to the Miami-Dade County Clerk’s Website, it doesn’t matter that Justin was driving with an expired license while under the influence on a street he took it upon himself to block off and race down at 4am. All that matters is that he mouthed off to the officer who was taking him in. He’ll probably end up with a fine for $200 or something and be done with it. Way to show him that he can’t just do whatever the fuck he wants, law enforcement!

Bieber is due back in court this morning, so hopefully he doesn’t miss his post-intervention flight back from Panama.

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  • Since when do you not read TMZ? I wanted Bieber to do some time as much as anyone, but as it turns out, neither Bieber nor the guy “racing” (which itself is in doubt given the fact that neither car ever did more than 50 or 60 MPH.) with him were actually over the legal limit for alcohol. The best they can do at this point is throw the book at him for underage drinking or maybe for being high. You would think that blocking off a street would be an issue as well, but yeah, basically the cops decided to try to stick it to Bieber on a night when he was behaving better than usual.

    • Ya I thought the “racing” thing was a stretch at 50-60 mph in a lambo and ferr. I didn’t realize he was over the limit alcohol wise. Also I thought TMZ said it was his “po po escort” that blocked the street? All this is too bad I think he needed an anvil to drop on him to straighten him out this will make him think he’s bullet proof !!

      • If you’re under the age of 21, anything above .02 is above the legal limit, and he was at .04. So yes, he was over the legal limit for his age.

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