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Cameron Diaz Doesn’t Actually Care About Your Pubic Hair

cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz recently released The Body Book, in which she encouraged women not to permanently remove the hair on their vaginas as it’s there for a reason and helps men feel like they’re opening a present when they go down on you or something. It was all fine and well, though some people – like myself – wondered why she didn’t just say that her personal preference is for a ’70s style bush, but all women should feel empowered enough to do with their pubic hair whatever makes them feel most comfortable.

Turns out, that is what she meant after all – she doesn’t mind what anyone does below the belt, she just wanted to encourage a dialogue that challenges the status quo (which tells women that hairless = better).

From Metro:

“I didn’t say what I prefer, I just said pubic hair has a purpose. You can do what you want with it, I don’t care – you can shave it off every day, wax it off every day, turn it into a bonsai – I don’t care.”

“I just said consider maybe not removing it permanently and forever with laser treatment. Forever is forever and when we make those choices for our body we have to live with them forever.”

If nothing else, it’s good at this book of Cameron’s – though certainly nothing mindblowing in the grand scheme of women’s liberation or anything of the sort (not that it’s aiming to be – is starting a bit of a dialogue. This book is literally getting SO MUCH PRESS, as are the topics she covers within it. I’m sure this is largely due to the fact that she’s Cameron Diaz, of course, but at least she’s putting it to decent use.

Have any of you ladies read this thing yet, or do you plan to?

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