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Cameron Diaz: ‘My vagina can be unwrapped like a gift’

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I mean, look – ladies should feel free to do whatever they want when it comes to pubic hair. The world is your oyster – pun… sorta intended, I suppose – and you certainly don’t have to wax everything off or get fancy shapes going or whatever. However, that’s a personal decision that should remain with you, your sexual partners and perhaps your friends if that’s something you deem suitable for conversation. It doesn’t belong in celebrity “health” book, but Cameron Diaz clearly didn’t get the memo.

From The Body Book (via The Mirror):

“I hear that there’s a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits,” Diaz writes.

“Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever? I know you may think you’ll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won’t. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people.”

“Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness. Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Also, let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity.”

“Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life? It’s a personal decision, but I’m just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is.”

There are so many things wrong with this, I can’t even get started. From the fact that this is in a book that’s been publicly released to the idea that CAMERON DIAZ thinks she knows what’s best for the female body to the awful analogy of “unwrapping” your vagina like a present, to the bullshit idea that “gravity” would make your vagina “less attractive” so your partner so you need to hide it with a patch of hair… girl, no. Add this misguided bullshit to the chapter about her acne and hoo boy, we’re in for it.

On the other hand, it’s hilarious that Cameron went on a rant about this in her “body book”. If this excerpt is anything to go by, I bet it’s hilarious.

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  • I don’t see the “so many things wrong with this” that Jennifer apparently does. She’s commenting on a cosmetic procedure and whether styles will change in the long run. No where in this quote does she say she “knows best” about other women’s vaginas, just that they should consider keeping their options open.

    The present thing’s a little weird though.

    • I agree with cameron, just this once.
      A friend of mine got her pubes lasered, and I bluntly told her that I don’t think a bald kitty will look so great when you’re 60 and beyond… She didn’t appreciate that. : )

  • It’s called ‘the Body Book’ and the vagina is part of the woman’s body so I’m ok with Cameron writing a chapter about it.
    She also has a point about that pubic hair thing. So I don’t really get your rant, Jennifer.

  • The bald trend is a bit disturbing. It’s so pedophilia friendly! I’m in Cameron’s corner on this one. I shudder to imagine this french woman’s lady bits 20 years later. She was bald and had half a dozen piercings that she wore women’s earrings in with a nasty looking tattoo over the whole train wreck. She was over tan and in her 40’s at the time. That must look a fright by now……it was wrinkled back then.

  • If you have hair in your vagina, you should probably see a doctor. Maybe this chick should have taken a basic anatomy class to learn the correct words for body parts before writing a book called “the BODY Book”.

  • This is the typical response of a person that has no life,
    my suggestion you you dear, “BUY A DOG AND NAME HIM LIFE, SO YOU WILL HAVE ONE”.

  • Vaginas are like heads. A fairly flimsy analogy sure, but only a small percentage of women out there really pull off the bald look. Takes perfect natural advantages for the labia majora to look genuinely attractive beyond pure lustful desire. More crassly, I’ve seen more roast beef than prime rib out there. More girls with little bumps, bristles, and acne than pure creamy skin.

    Groom it. Make it look pretty like you would your normal hair. I for one find it incredibly sexy and a pleasant surprise these days. And it hides natural blemishes. Kinda like vertical stripes for overweight people.

  • I really don’t know what your problem is with Ms. Diaz–
    all she’s offering is a CHOICE, what’s wrong with that???

  • Cameron Diaz is a very attractive woman. If anyone has the credentials to write a book on the positive attributes of the female body; it is she.

    Personally, I have a problem with a hairless vagina on a woman. I think it looks too much like a prepubescent girl. I have visions of changing diapers for my girls when a woman is hairless, and it makes me feel “creepy”.

    Ms. Diaz has it right. A woman should look like a WOMAN in the privacy of her boudoir when she disrobes for her significant other.

    As far as her comment of her lady bits being unwrapped like a present?! Ms. Diaz is also right. Any time I have been given the privilege to “unwrap” that rare and special “gift”, I have always felt like the luckiest guy in the world. When it has been adorned with the unique wrapping that our Creator chose to decorate it in, I have always felt doubly blessed.

    Permanent removal of a woman’s pubic hair should NOT be considered on a whim and should NEVER be done upon her partner’s request. If SHE decides that the procedure is right or her, then more power to her. Aesthetics change. Consider the standard of beauty. Rubens painted gorgeous women who were sensually plump. Twiggy personified sensuality in the early 60’s. Kim Kardashian is considered beautiful with her ample derriere and large breasts today. What might the standard be tomorrow?

    Please ladies, as a fan of the attributes that the Lord has blessed you with, don’t make permanent decisions based upon the whims of popular culture.

    • I prefer shaved beaver myself. I find it MUCH more enjoyable to go down on a lady and give oral pleasure without getting hair in my mouth. Also, pubic hair can contribute to chafing during a lengthy session of lovemaking, and on top of that I think shaved is more aesthetically pleasing. I.M.H.O.

  • I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I agree with every last thing Diaz says. She is absolutely right.

  • I read somewhere the hot new elective surgery is having your labia trimmed so your 30-40 something vagina looks like a teen vagina. You can’t go through that and then have the overgrown hedge blocking the view!