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Tina Fey Pilots Are Selling Like Hotcakes

tina fey

Tina Fey is crazy talented, so it’s no surprise that networks are keen to pick up any project she pitches. After 30 Rock‘s critical success, while not always reflected in the ratings, made sure that pretty much anything she touches from here on out will turn to gold.

After selling a pilot to NBC over the summer, she’s now gone and got another project greenlit by Fox. This one sounds pretty funny, and will reunite her with some old 30 Rock colleagues including Robert Carlock (who’s also in on the NBC show) and Matt Hubbard.

From Vulture:

We guess it was unlikely that NBC would snap up both of Tina Fey’s new sitcoms. It’s for the best. Everyone knows they produce more failed pilots than the French air force. While Fey’s doomsday cult comedy is headed over to NBC, Fox has officially ordered a pilot for the multi-cam pitch she co-created with Matt Hubbard and Robert Carlock, which as you might recall is about the first class of male students at a women’s college. How I Meet Your Mother‘s Pam Fryman will direct and executive produce, an idea we absolutely peacock. No, sorry. We fox it. We fox that idea very much.

Yup, I love it. In case you forgot, Tooken, her NBC show, stars Ellie Kemper and is about a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult by moving to New York. Also promising! Here’s hoping Fey has serious involvement in both and can make them as funny or funnier than 30 Rock. I still miss that show!

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