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Jon Gosselin: ‘Kate Gosselin Is Disgusting and Awful’

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Jon and Kate Gosselin always had a bit of a weird marriage that was destined to explode, so no one was all that surprised when it did and they got divorced. The years following their split have been weird. Kate grew out her Sonic the Hedgehog haircut, got a ton of plastic surgery and tried to keep the fame machine going, which has ultimately failed. Meanwhile, Jon took on menial jobs like plumbing and… shooting guns at paparazzi.

Well, now Jon has spoken out against Kate, basically saying she’s awful for continuing to exploit their kids and spreading the family’s personal business on the likes of Twitter. Jon was never into all the weird fame-y stuff, but for Kate, it was all very exciting so it kinda makes sense that she’d be clinging to any amount of notoriety for dear life.

Here’s what Jon said about it in Philadelphia magazine:

We finish eating and head outside so Jon can have a smoke. We’re discussing the shooting-your-pistol-in-the-general-vicinity-of-a-tabloid-photographer incident when the issue of privacy comes up. “Yeah, Twitter,” he says in between drags. “I deleted it last year. Best thing I ever did. I can disappear. Nobody knows where I am.” @Kateplusmy8, meanwhile, is going strong at 174,000 followers. This enrages Jon. “She tweets everything. To the world, all about my children. I think it’s disgusting and awful. They can’t even have a normal life.”

I feel compelled to remind him he volunteered those same children for a five-season stint on prime-time television; Collin, Aaden, Joel, Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Mady and Cara’s formative moments are currently stacked in a pile of DVDs on my coffee table. He thinks this over for a few seconds. “Right. So I made a mistake.”

Ha. Yeah, you did, man. But even on the show, you could always tell it was Kate who was running things and that Jon kinda went along with it like a derpy derp derp until he got his shit together. I don’t know the reason why he walked out, but maybe because it was bullshit? Maybe because he realised it wasn’t going to be all that great for the kids in the long run? (Don’t forget, he recently claimed that the lifestyle forced upon them has given pretty much all the kids developmental issues!)

Either way, Jon has kinda gone off the deep end, living in the woods and shooting things all the time. They’re both not all that great, and I feel bad for the kids, to be honest.

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  • “Jon was never into all the weird fame-y stuff” really, then who pray tell was that idiot wearing all those ugly Ed Hardy, or whatever his name was, clothes with a new girl friend every other month appearing on shows like Extra and ET yapping away about himself? It just didn’t pan out because Jon is just not that interesting and people lost interest in that train wreck and moved on to the next. He is now going on another reality show so don’t be such a hypocrite about the fame crap.