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1The Story of Jennifer Lawrence and Her Butt Plug Collection

jennifer lawrence conan

It’s more innocent than you’re probably thinking – Jennifer Lawrence‘s friend sent her a bunch of butt plugs as a joke one time and she kept them in her hotel room, where they were discovered by one of the maids. Instead of being embarrassed by her discovery, the maid apparently set them out all fancy for her – ha! Makes for a great story, at least. Let’s watch Jennifer tell it on Conan, eh?

I know JLaw is a bit of a spaz and sorta embarrassing sometimes, but you just have to love her unfiltered rambling – it tends to yield some pretty hilarious results. Besides, I doubt she’s as high strung in her day-to-day life, it’s probably just nervousness or whatever.

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December 19, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer
Filed Under: Jennifer Lawrence

One Response to “The Story of Jennifer Lawrence and Her Butt Plug Collection”

  1. Feline says:

    I cannot believe the term ‘spaz’ has seriously been used in this article.

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