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Sarah Palin Thinks the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Homophobia Is No Biggie

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I don’t watch Duck Dynasty – I don’t even know what the show’s about, to be honest – but I do know it’s gotten massive popular and people seem to love it. Well, one of the stars of the show, Phil Robertson, gave an interview with GQ recently in which he made a bunch of anti-gay remarks that got him suspended indefinitely from the show. Here’s what he said, for reference:

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers – they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

“It seems like, to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. [But] we never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus – whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

LOL, okay. You keep praying to your invisible sky fairy then, Grandpappy. I mean, listen – there’s no doubt that this bro doesn’t like gay people and is homophobic. However, it’s kinda that passive redneck bullshit. He’s a 67-year-old man from Louisiana who also thinks that black people were never treated poorly before the Civil Rights movement. We’re not exactly dealing with an Einstein here. Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance and hate is some of the most harmful because it’s so passive, but I doubt we’re going to solve any world issues here, so let’s leave that.

The important thing is, Pat has found a friend who supports his rights to speak out in intolerance, and that’s none other than our pal Sarah Palin, who felt it so important an issue, she took to her Facebook page to voice her feelings.

Free speech is an endangered species. Those “intolerants” hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.

Well, that’s that, I suppose.

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    • Free speech? You sure? Do you even know what free speech guarantees?

      I do!

      It guarantees citizens the right to speak freely without the threat of penalty (fines, jail, etc.) levied by THE GOVERNMENT! It doesn’t protect citizens from criticism and It doesn’t protect citizens from employers.

      Don’t believe me? Walk into your boss’ office and tell him to go fornicate with himself. Two things I can guarantee: First, you won’t be jailed or charged with a crime; second, you will be fired on the spot.

      I’m sick and tired of hearing you right-wing clowns talk constantly about the violation of Constitutional rights when you have absolutely no idea what, exactly, those rights are.

      Educate yourselves or shut up (preferably both)!

  • If we are going to criticize someone for making generalizations and being closed minded, I’d like to point out that perhaps Jennifer has a little closed-mindedness going on herself. To quote “he’s a 67 year old man FROM LOUISIANA…” So let’s see…are we saying that Louisiana (or the Deep South in general) has the market cornered on closed minded bigots? There was no need to throw his home state in there-other than to paint a less than flattering picture-at the expense of those Louisianans who aren’t so closed minded (and yes, they do exist-ever been to New Orleans?).

    As a Southerner, I get tired of being painted with the same broad brush. On the other hand, if doing so keeps arrogant Norteasterners away, thinking that we are all like the Beverly Hillbillies, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing…

    • No one was implying that everyone from Louisiana is a bigot, just that unfortunately, such staunch beliefs are more widely held in that part of the country. That’s not a generalization, it’s kinda fact. However, I’m not here to debate sub-sections of the country on that level. No offense was meant to those who live in Louisiana or anywhere else in the south… though I’d find it funny if Pat Robertson got het up at that generalization after the ones he made himself ;)

      • NO, Jennifer, you absolutely were implying that Louisianans were bigots. Why else would you repeat where he was from? Explain why you said that. His home state had nothing to do with what he said. Then you followed it up with explaining that there are more bigots in Louisiana.

        Bigots? Look in the mirror, girl.

      • You could have easily said “well, he’s a closed minded asshole” without throwing Louisiana in the mix. But no, you chose generalize and stereotype by throwing an entire state under the bus. The fact that he is from Louisiana is irrelevant.

      • Let’s see, where did Paul Craig Cobb, the the guy who wanted to create a “whites only” state come from? You know-the guy who found out he was part black on UK talk TV (the Tricia Goddard show)? Surely he was from the racist South. He was, wasn’t he? Well, actually, no. He was from the Dakotas.

        Or let’s talk about the last white mob killing. The one where up to THIRTY white men beat a black man to death with baseball bats, because they thought he was dating a white girl. Sounds like a good old Southern lynching, right? Surely those crackers were down in the Deep South, because it could never happen up North. No, actually, that happened in New Jersey. Look up the killing of Yusef Hawkins in Bentsonhurst in the 1990s.

        Like I said, closed minded people from outside the Deep South are the best thing that has ever happened to the South. It keeps the assholes out, and it lets guys like the Duck Dynasty guys make a ton of money by playing off ignorant people who think they are an accurate representation of how we live down here. So keep it up, keep watching these stupid shows-we’ll grow beards, act stupid, and take your money any day of the week.

        Y’all come back now, ya hear?

  • Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. Freedom of Speech is actually protecting speaking out against the government without repercussions. Not the right to say whatever nasty hateful things you want and get away without criticism.

    He has a right to say what he did, but people who don’t like it have a right to tell him they don’t like it and A & E as a private company has the right to suspend him. People let Paula Deen fall pretty damn hard for her idiotic racist naive crap, but rally around this guy? I find his dismissal of violence and hardship during the civil rights movement more insulting than anything.

    Children’s tv show host Mr. Rogers was often written to by pastors who asked him to condemn Homosexuality. Mr. Rogers never would. In fact he would say to a gay person “God loves you just the way you are.” That’s a Christian to rally around. One who actually followed Christ’s teachings, as we as loved his ‘neighbours’ truly and without bigotry.

  • So. You’re critisizing him for saying something that’s insulting to a large number of people? You mean the same EXACT thing you just did by calling God a ‘invisible sky fairy’?
    However, you have every right to say that. And he has every right to say his opinion. And everyone else has every right to say what they think about his opinion.
    Also, are we REALLY surprised that the good ol’ boy from Louisiana doesn’t like gays? WHO COULDN’T FIGURE THAT OUT ON THEIR OWN??????????

    • Here’s the difference – saying God isn’t real has no effect on anyone. No one goes out and beats people for believing in God in this country. Homosexuals are bullied, are killed, commit suicide, have inferior rights… get back to me when the same is said for conservative Christians, who still for some reason think they own the joint.

      • Phil didn’t say that either. He didn’t say GO OUT AND BEAT ALL THE GAYS! Trust me–I totally disagree with what he said,(I’m a HUGE believer in gay rights) but he wasn’t hate mongering. He was simply stating his opinion that he thinks it’s a sin. If people decide to go out and beat people because of their sexual preference, it’s because they’re bad people, NOT because the guy from duck dynasty said he didn’t like the lifestyle.

        And also, don’t say people aren’t persecuted for believing in God….go to ANY non-religious college, and exclaim how you believe in God. Trust me, Christians aren’t except from ridicule.

  • All he did is repeat what the bible says! He said, love ’em and tell them about Jesus and let God sort it out.” So he’s not allowed to say he doesn’t completely agree with today’s culture without it being branded hate speech? We have people like Chris Brown running around beating on people and things, we have Miley Cyrus promoting drug use, and Justin Beiber promoting promiscuity – and these people are pulling in millions on top of millions. This guy repeats the rules laid down in the bible and people are saying the whole family should be strung up by their toes. Hey, culture, we’ve got major problems facing our kids today and the LEAST of what we need to worry about is someone upholding their faith. The WORLD has changed, the WORD has not and never will. It’s is a long theological argument. They are a strong Christian family who are using their platform to tell people about our Lord and Savior. Maybe, just maybe, if we has come more shows with a strong moral core, we’d have less Teen Mom. This society, this nation is lost. Modern day version of forty years in the desert.

    • You christian nut jobs have to get it through your MAJOR egos that our country IS NOT based in christian “values”. It never will be. Our founding fathers made it a point to separate church and state. They knew christians would try to force everyone to believe in their bullshit sky fairy, and the biggest cash grab of all time, the buybull. What Phil did was spew his bigoted, homophobic, hate filled bullshit that your buybull promotes. Christians need to learn they aren’t better than as anyone. I can’t stand when people add in, “he/she is a good Christian”. They say it like it makes them special.

      • The reason free speech was invented was that their would not be a set religion of the state not that religion was never to be included in the government

  • It’s like no one knows what freedom of speech means who uses it. Freedom of speech in the constitution is meant to protect speech against the government. Further, there are many ways that speech has been legally regulated in certain scenarios. He does have every right in the world to say what he wants and he cant be punished by the, keyword here, government. A private corporation has every right to punish (by firing) anyone they want. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences by private entities. It only protects a person from punishment by the state.

    People are making this a religious issue, but the damn pope refuses to talk about homosexuality and publicly said ” who am I to judge”. That’s being tolerant and religious. Condemning someone because they believe in a different kind of sin then you or none at all is being an intolerant ass and no company wants to promote that backwards bigotry.

  • Calling God an “invisible sky fairy” is VERY insulting, and yes, Christians are ridiculed, insulted, and judged constantly because of their beliefs. Bill Maher loves to blast Jesus folks on his anti-Christian tirades, and that POS still has a job. I do wish Phil Robertson had responded with something more Fred Rogers-like, but he’s not Mr. Rogers. I don’t agree at all with what he said, but the man was answering the question that GQ (and why was he being interviewd by GQ?) asked him…like they didn’t know what his answer would be. Granted, A&E has every right to fire/suspend him over his comments as they are a private entity, and they can do what they want. just like Hooters can fire a girl who gains weight. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. However, the public who loves Duck Dynasty has the right to stop watching A&E – which won’t be too difficult. Rodeo Girls anyone?

    • Oh waaaaaa, someone insulted your invisible sky fairy. You Christians should be ridiculed for all the hate you spew to anyone has a brain and can see that your sky fairy is nothing but fiction. You nut jobs really think your Jesus walked on water, made water into wine, even spread a while ocean. Listen to yourselves and listen to how crazy you all sound. You should listen to bill Maher, you could learn something. Open your close minded hateful mind to something other than christian fairy tales

      • Now who’s being the bigot. Listen to the language coming out of your mouth about “sky Fairies, Christian. What the whole argument is about is Some believe its ok to be what ever makes you happy and others believe in setting a higher standard for a higher purpose. But, fighting over all of this is only feeding your own egos. Because no one wants to be told their wrong for being different. You have to look in your own mirrors each day and worry about what you do in your own life. So what if the guy next door doesn’t agree. Is that going to change you? NO! We all believe we have rights, and we do but twisting everybody else belief to justify what your doing in your own back yard isn’t fair. That puts you as the one who is the judge and makes you just as guilty of what your accusing!

  • Jenn….for your information Christians DO own the joint….the one called Heaven. Bought and paid for by the death of Jesus. MY ‘sky fairy’ will be waiting to welcome me into glorious Heaven. What will be waiting for you?

    • LOL K.

      For the record, I fully respect anyone’s right to believe in whatever or whomever they choose. Shit, believe in parmesan cheese if it gets you through your days. However, no one’s beliefs trump anyone else’s beliefs. Your beliefs do not entitle you to create laws that infringe on my beliefs, or my lifestyle, or anything about MY life and the way I live it. That’s the point, here.

      • But yet everyone who fights to change this old law because their atheist or that practice because he’s a Christian are all infringing on others rights. There’s no way to say its not because it changes how we have to live in our lives. Trying to except each other and understanding each other makes for a better world. I don’t have to agree with you on being gay and you don’t have to agree with me that Christ is my savior because in the end its my actions that I’m responsible for on my judgment day. If you don’t like the laws go down to your house of representative and rally peacefully to change them just like I have the same right to do. But where is all this public bickering getting us. Not to a good place!

  • Liberals don’t respect the right of free speech..How do we know this?They have tried to unsuccessfully take down every conservative talk show host from Rush Limbaugh to Glen Beck,to Sean Hanity,to Bill Oreilly, and the list goes on for the last five years.
    Just turn MSNBC if you want to hear vile condescending garbage even Sarah Palin when asked about Martin Bashir,said she didn’t care if he got kicked off or not.. The left wants to shove their nonsense in our faces but if we voice our view,we are all of a sudden homophobic bigots.

    • Are you kidding me? All you republiCONS are the ones destroying America. Fat fuck Limbaugh should be in jail. He goes off on people for smoKing weed, then he himself is a junkie liar. You republicons complain about government in your life’s, yet your red states get more government help than anyone. RepubliCONS are the ones trying to make laws where women can’t make their own choices, not democrats. All your kind does is waste time. They can’t figure out that you can’t vote on aca when it’s already law. 42 times on one bill, it’s called remember why you’re in Washington, not to destroy our country because you bigots don’t like the black man in office. Shutting down the government was the final nail in the republiCAN’t do shit coffin. Enjoy the next election, it will be a landslide of tea baggers who want to shove their “Christian morals” down the throats of everyone. How convenient you ignorant republicons seem to forget the hell your bush boy put our country through. Put us into a major deficit when he started with a balanced budget. He made EVERY country hate us, masterminded 9/11 for his war regime, put us 10+ years behind in scientific research because his fairy tale god wouldn’t approve. Go ahead, try to prove me wrong with your faux news lies. Faux news isn’t even news, It’s been PROVEN they fabricate their bullshit to make anyone other than a republicon look bad. One last thing, it’s time for your regime to come into the 21st century, you know where blacks and gays have the same rights as immoral christians