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Is Legendary Artist Jeff Koons Giving Baby North West Art Lessons?


North West has it all. Despite being a baby she is one of the most searched for celebs this year, is getting all kinds of free crazy-expensive designer shit, and got $7,500 worth of gifts from Beyoncé and Jay Z. So I guess it isn’t too hard to believe that she’s already getting art lessons, and from one of the most legendary artists around right now: Jeff Koons, who did the sculpture of Lady Gaga that she put on her ARTPOP cover.

Kim posted the above photo of Koons with North West AKA “Nori” on her Instagram, with the caption

Art lessons! Jeff Koons & Nori #ArtBasel

Let’s hope she’s just kidding about the art lessons. But still…we get it, Kim. You’re well-connected. Your baby is well-connected.

This family.

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