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It’s Really Hard Not to Love Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock is one of those actresses (and human beings, I suppose) that’s so endearing, you can’t help but love her even if you don’t necessarily love all her movies. She does some pretty good movies, though – nothing mind-blowing, but at least really enjoyable. In any case, every time she does an interview, she just comes off as so down-to-earth and charming and I think she’s absolutely great.

From Entertainment Weekly:

“When people are like, ‘Life is good,’ I go, ‘No, life is a series of disastrous moments, painful moments, unexpected moments, and things that will break your heart,” she explained. “And in between those moments, that’s when you savor, savor, savor.'”

I know that’s a pretty basic statement, but I feel like especially for a public figure, it’s probably not necessarily encouraged to say things like “life is a series of disastrous moments”, but it can certainly be true at times, so good for her for not conforming to the happy-go-lucky stereotype of what she SHOULD be.

Sandra Bullock has been through some shit, so I can definitely see why she feels like this. I don’t for one second think she’s all doom and gloom, but I like that she can talk about the darker side of shit, too (and without making it seem like a sob story).

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    • yup. dumb beyond words. i wish her well & all, but she may be seriously lacking in the common sense department. or perhaps she was just dickmatized… i’ll try not to judge.

      • I’m stealing “dickmatized”. That’s awesome.

        Otherwise, I don’t get why Sandra Bullock wears the hipster-doofus knit bowl on her head, with some sort of cut-off “blouse”, when she’s a multi-millionaire?

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