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Here’s Everything You (Never) Wanted to Know About Sharon Osbourne’s Vaginoplasty

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has never been shy about talking about… well, anything. She runs her mouth without thinking and that’s sorta why she’s so great. However, there are some things that NO ONE needs to hear about, and that’s her vaginoplasty. If you’re not sure what a vaginoplasty is, you can use your imagination/common sense or I can just tell you it’s a surgery to tighten a lady’s nether regions. It’s a surgery invented by men and to benefit them, but I’ll refrain from going all “Feminazi” on that subject.

Here’s a video of Sharon giving all the nitty gritty details on The Graham Norton Show:

Yeah, no thank you.

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  • Invented by men to benefit men…. Maybe she had a cooch so big you could swish a basketball & meat curtains that hung halfway to her knees. I’m sure toning up the vaginal muscles would give her some added benefit, but what the hell do I know? Maybe you could reread your post and understand why people are sometimes put off by your blanket statements.

      • I would add that I find the main topic of the video is their marriage and having to deal with her husband’s relapse.

      • I admit I did not watch the video, but I assume she had the procedure for herself. I also would assume being married to Ozzy has never been easy.

      • HA!!! @ the big melon heads comment! truth. i too won’t watch the video, don’t care really, but i would like to add DO YOUR KEGEL exercises, ladies. do ’em daily.

      • AHOY, brotha Chaz! *high*five* from afar. how’s that dlisted comment section workin’ out for you? i tried, but it’s such a pain in the ass. easier over here. though i do miss our beloved guest, i fear we’ll never get her crazyass back…

      • Hiya back sexy! Haven’t posted at dlisted, like you said, it was a pain in the ass. I do post at Sarah & Ems site, fishwrapper…. Tons of shitheads there too! I miss guest too, but at least that goofy fucktrumpet Julia pops in here now and again.

      • Oh ya know, I get around.

        There just isn’t much posted here that I have anything to say about…and no drama for me to pick sides in.

      • Maybe your vagina should go back to Junior College, it’s wits are sleepy. Vaginoplasty has been around for over 60 years and was performed for women having medical and anatomical problems, ie: Rectal bulging, and bladder prolapse. In fact over 50% of the modern procedures are for medical reasons…. Not cosmetic or to heighten sex for men. As an aside, this procedure was and is used on men(?) undergoing sex change operations.
        A quick shout out to my old frat brother the plastic surgeon who answered my questions… THANKS “FLAPS”…. And yes, that is and has been his nickname for 30 years! CHAZ penis 1, Jennifer vagina 0….

    • It’s the craziest thing that I’m still in your mind after all these months . I’ve been in my summer home for months and haven’t had time for this now I’m back in my ski home and thought I’d check in and there you are still bashing me months later ! It’s funny as hell that you have no life ! Pathetic !!!!

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