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Christmas Came Early: Gwyneth Paltrow Joined Instagram

gwyneth paltrow instagram jason wu

Christmas came early, everyone. Gwyneth Paltrow joined Instagram with the handle @gwynethpaltrow. How nice of her to grace us with even more of her internet presence. This is gonna be so good. I’m sure we’ll see many filtered shots of $845 Paltrow designed sweatshirts. I’m sure we’ll get one of those “no makeup” selfies all the celebs love to do.

So far it’s been pretty tame. Her first photo was the above shot with designer Jason Wu. She followed that up with a “#tbt” (throwback thursday) photo of her with her mom from what I think was a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Do not disappoint us, Ms. Paltrow. I want to see portraits of your food.

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