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0The Kanye/Jimmy Kimmel Feud Gets More Embarrassing

kanye west

Kanye West flipped out over a joke Jimmy Kimmel made at his expense, which is odd behavior for Kanye. It’s so unlike him to overreact and take his feelings to twitter where he slewed a series of caps locked bizarre and thus hilarious insults at Mr. Kimmel’s way.

I’m on team Kanye solely for the entertainment factor (which is why I’m always on team Kanye, it’s the most entertaining team) but he handled this thing so poorly. But he’s got someone coming to his defense: Irving Azoff, a manager in the music industry who represents Christina Aguilera, Van Halen, Jewel, Journey, and a mishmash of other current artists and old favorites.

Mr. Azoff tweeted,

Hey @jimmykimmel @kanyewest kicked your ass. You look like a joke trying to exploit this.

. @jimmykimmel your low blow comment was uncalled for and shows that you still don’t understand the big time.

Really? Dude, come on, give Jimmy Kimmel credit. I think he’s made it to the big time by now.

Mr. Kimmel’s latest response to all this was (via twitter),

my response to @kanyewest last night … #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK

I challenge you to a rap battle @kanyewest #Iplaytheclarinet

I didn’t watch the whole video because honestly, I don’t care that much. I skipped around. He basically read Kanye’s tweets on his show, one by one, in his opening monologue with some tame comments.

Does anyone think that maybe they’re both in this together as a joint joke? I want to believe.

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September 28, 2013 at 8:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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