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Is That Kathy Griffin Or Katy Perry?

katy perry wax figure

Katy Perry got what I think is one of the highest honors ever when a wax version of herself was unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in NYC. But is that Katy Perry or is that a Kathy Griffin cast-off? Doesn’t it look more like Kathy Griffin?

The problem with wax figures is that they photograph poorly. I bet this looks much better in person. The best way to take photos of wax figures is without a camera flash. The flash blows them out and makes them look particularly waxy and fake. Yes, I have a lot of experience photographing wax figures, because I like to get drunk and go to wax museums.

It’s a little nightmarish but not nearly as bad as the group of wax Aussie celebs. And not as good as Emma Watson’s wax self. But it’s not too terrible.

More pix below. The girls posing with her are not made of wax.

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