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Sinead O’Connor Got A Guy’s Initials Tattooed On Her face

sinead o' connor face tattoos

Sinead O’Connor revealed a new set of tattoos when she performed at Bestival music festival. The location? On her face. And yet still somehow they’re not as “in your face” (pun, I intended thee) as Cheryl Cole’s ass tattoo.

She’s got a guy’s initials on her face. A “B” on one cheek (again, face) and a “Q” on the other. How do we know they’re for a man? Ms. O’Connor left a strange explanation on her blog (that has since been deleted). Here’s what she wrote, via USA Today:

Brendan Quinlan.. “It’s what it is”.. Un ange passe ; ) (French for “awkward silence”) There’s a bottle of Agent Provocateur in someone’s room that belongs to me.

Well okay then. They’re so lightly inked they’re barely noticeable. I’m glad to see her performing again after cancelling her tour. I mean, I’m not going to rush out and go see her, but you know, good for her and all that.

sinead o'connor face tattoos


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