Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Here’s Rihanna with a Penis Bag…


Rihanna got gifted with this dick bag – yes, a literal bag with a dick design on it – from Stella McCartney earlier this week, so of course she’s been taking it with her everywhere to pose with it and terrorize the masses. This is a grown woman doing this, by the way – I just want us all to remember that.  I mean, I know it’s Rihanna and therefore we should all lower our expectations of maturity and decency – and I say that as someone who loves me some RiRi – but this is just a mess. She’s even going for the Miley Cyrus tongue move! (RIP.)

Not much else to report about this one, really. Rihanna walked around posing with this thing all day. That’s the type of shit you would do with your friends, NOT in front of paparazzi and a ton of friends. Then again, I guess that just makes her ~carefree~, right? And on a side note, what’s with Stella even making this bag? Corny as shit, and I usually like her stuff.

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