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Oh God No: You Won’t Believe What Fergie Named Her Baby

fergie josh duhamel axl

Fergie and Josh Duhamel welcomed their baby boy this morning. Hope she’s feeling maternal by now. What is with all the damn babies being born this month (and this whole summer?) Do people get super bored and super randy in the winter season?

They named their kid…get ready for this…Axl. Yes, after Axl Rose. AXL. Um.

Fergie is doing great after giving birth via C-section and is, according to TMZ, “recuperating in style, staying in one of the V.I.P. suites famously used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.”

I know she’s a Guns ‘N Roses fan, but this is a bit much. Of course it’s her kid and she can name it whatever the hell she wants; not saying she can’t. It’s practically required of celebs to give their kids unusual names.

What are your thoughts on the name?

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  • I like it. I’m just wondering what the middle name is. Tiger Woods named his son Charlie Axl, and I think it’s pretty cute.

  • My Uncle toured with Guns and Roses as a roady. He said that Axl was the reason he quit. Axl is the biggest f’ing a-hole on Earth, apparently. Why would anyone name their baby after the biggest f’ing a-hole on Earth?

  • Axl Rose may be the biggest f’ing a-hole on Earth, he will stay a part of an emblematic rock band. I’m french, Guns and Roses fan and I named my son Axel. It’s a very common name in France.