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0Uh Oh: Lady GaGa’s Duet with Cher Leaked Now!

Cher, Lady Gaga

Well, Mother Monster is going to be pissed. Lady GaGa and Cher have been teasing a duet – a song called ‘The Greatest Thing’ – since 2011 but there was never any formal release set for it, not even on Artpop, which isn’t coming out for a couple months anyway. Now the song’s been leaked – the second to do so in a week – and everyone’s all up in arms over it. Well, Cher is at least – GaGa has been uncommonly quiet.

Here’s the track:

And here’s Cher’s hilarious tweet (she’s the best at Twitter, in case you forgot):

August 14, 2013 at 5:30 am by Jennifer
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