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A Snippet of Lady GaGa’s Single Leaked: LORD IN HEAVEN, WHY

lady gaga

I’m not even going to bother to embed one of the YouTube uploads of the 12 second snippets of Lady GaGa‘s upcoming single, ‘Applause’, because they’ll most likely be deleted by the time you see this. That being said, it’s… not good. In fact, it’s kinda shit. Forget the fact that it’s a paltry 12 seconds of the song that made it online, though – Mother Monster is piiiiiiiissed off that anyone dare leak her precious art before its time and she took to Twitter to vent her frustrations:

She needs to stop. Katy Perry’s entire single leaked (and it’s so good) and you don’t see her whining about it. It sucks, yeah, but shit happens. This isn’t 2006, lady. Your days of indignant rage over a leaked snippet are long gone. Is anyone actually looking forward to hearing this garbage in full? Also, LOL at the whole “lord in heaven” invocation. It’s not that serious, girl.

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