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Scientology Leader’s Wife — Found?

david shelly miscavige

Well THAT was fast. Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader/ruler David Miscavige, has apparently been found after being missing for seven years. Except, that, according to the church, she was never missing. She just wasn’t seen in public. Ever. And if you asked about her, and wouldn’t stop, people would get very angry. This is what Leah Remini discovered, which is why she filed a missing person’s report for Shelly with the LAPD.

TMZ has been covering the story…religiously. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

After hearing about the police report, the Church of Scientology released this statement (via TMZ):

This is just harassment. It is a publicity stunt cooked up by a small band of unemployed fanatics who live on the fringe of the Internet.

Where is this “fringe of the Internet” and how can I get there? And just like that, the LAPD closed the case, because, according to TMZ,

cops had a face-to-face meeting with her … Law enforcement tells TMZ they have determined the missing persons allegation is “unfounded.”

And which out-of-work Scientologist actress did they hire to play Mrs. Miscavige, I wonder?

Seriously, I am not buying any of this. Leah Remini, you better watch your back.



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  • Does anyone else think it’s fishy that this so called “religion” gets away with the crap that they do while the rest of us are having our private communications gathered by the NSA?

    • TOTALLY agree.
      Also the Shelley thing; no one has seen her in years, and the LAPD concludes within a day or two she is fine. If so, where is she? Did her husband tell them she is fine, and that’s it? Or did they speak to the actual Shelley?

      Maybe they are bribed or something. Or I am paranoid, but anyways, totally agree they don’t seem to raise any suspicion with the government, cops, etc etc

    • I’m pretty sure it’s because they ARE, in fact, recognized as a religious denomination in the US (unfortunately). The government is reluctant to fuck around in that area.

      • Yes, I am aware that they are recognized by the government as a religion. My point was why? It seems pretty clear at this time that they are a cult intent on controlling people’s lives and punishing those that do not fall in line. And yet one has to wonder; are their private communications being monitored by the NSA, DEA, and IRS like the rest of us? Especially those of us who are doing nothing controversial, breaking no laws, and just minding our own business. I would be willing to bet that they are not being monitored because if they were, the government would be legally bound to take some kind of action about their harassment of people. I should have been more clear making my original statement. No matter how you look at it, I still maintain that something stinks in this whole issue.

      • Scientology is a “religion” that you have to PAY to become a part of. Therefore, the Church of Scientology has a lot of money, which I’m sure they use to their advantage. I believe they had a number of suits against the IRS until they came to the conclusion that Scientology operates as a religion (the reason why they came to that conclusion is pretty obvious, I think :)). The suits were subsequently dropped. Bribery, as you said, could be something that the Church of Scientology is involved in, as well. Funds could be put forward as hush-hush money to keep the church, as well as the more high profile members, out of the line of fire when it comes to things like NSA surveillance, etc. I’ve never done any research on that aspect, but it is something to think about.

  • Do you honestly think that the NSA has the time, ability or inclination to sit down and go through every single phone conversation in the US? As a person in the intel community, I’m telling you, that’s horseshit.

    While this “religion” is allowed certain protections (which I’m totally against), they aren’t posing as a group whose mission is to inculcate and overthrow the US government, so why would the NSA give a shit about it? I mean, missing wife or no missing wife (I would like to know how they proved it was her, but whatevs), the NSA probably has bigger fish to fry than complaints by Leah Remini.

  • Check out information on Operation Snow White. Due to that I think the Church of Scientology gets more scrutiny than others.