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Leah Remini Just Made A Scientology Church Leader VERY Mad

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Dear Leah Remini, to quote Oda Mae Brown, “You in danger, girl.” You see, we all know now that Remini left the church of Scientology, and is apparently planning to write a tell-all, which is scary enough. But she’s not done.

Part of the reason she left the church was because of the shady doings of church leader David Miscavige. The shadiest of all these things being the current whereabouts of his wife, Shelly. Mrs. Miscavige wasn’t at Tom Cruise‘s wedding, and who would want to miss that madness? In fact, Remini hadn’t seen Shelly for a while. Miscavige was vague. He still says that she is “not missing.” They have provided no proof. Former church members say that Shelly is not okay; that she is being “guarded” at a “church facility” near Lake Arrowhead. (More here.) Shelly hasn’t been seen since 2006.

So what is this new badass Leah Remini doing? She’s filing a goddamn missing persons report with the LAPD (according to Lainey Gossip.) I think she knows not a whole lot is going to come from it — it’s a message.

This is unfolding like a thriller starring Sandra Bullock or something.

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