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Here’s Your Chance To See Ugly Drawings From Bob Dylan In An Art Gallery

bob dylan pastels drawings gallery

Bob Dylan, pretty much universally known for being a songwriter, is also fond of sketching. And apparently his sketches (above) are good enough to be shown at the esteemed National Portrait Gallery in London. Because he’s Bob Dylan. If these drawings came from anyone other than Bob Dylan, they would be laughed at. Unless it was Jeff Goldblum. Let me tell you, Jeff Goldblum’s paintings are awesome. In a 3 wolf moon t-shirt awesome sort of way.

Some bits from BBC News:

A series of 12 pastel works, a mix of real and fictitious characters, will be displayed in the museum from September.

The singer, 72, who has drawn and sketched since childhood, has only exhibited his art publicly for the past several years.

Art historian John Elderfield, said the works were “products of the same extraordinary, inventive imagination”.

The images from Bob Dylan: Face Value have not been shown anywhere before.

Well, guess what, Mr. Dylan? None of this even compares to the painting of one topless Bea Arthur. How does it feeeeeeeel?

But hey, I’m no art critic, I’m just a person who got bored of Draw Something. What do you think of his work?

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  • his work is good …
    i remember when he was the opening act for the ‘monkees’ ..
    waaaaaaaaaaaay back when at the ‘cafe wha’ ..
    he was called a ” poet” back then ..
    them was the days ya’ll !!!!!!!

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