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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Is Being Sued for Racism

bob dylan

Bob Dylan, one of the most amazing songwriters in American history, is a crusty old man at this point (and a rather shitty artist) – and I mean that in an endearing way, really – but is he a racist? Well, the Council of Croats in France (CRICCF) certainly thinks so, as they’re bringing a lawsuit against him for comparing Croats with Nazis. Apparently the “charges” aren’t so ludicrous, since CRICCF secretary general Vlatko Maric said that Parisian courts will hear the case. Oh, snap!

Maric thinks that Dylan’s comments were to “incite hatred”, but the case seems sorta silly since all they want from him is an apology.

Here are the comments in question that Dylan made to Rolling Stone:

“[The United States] is just too f**ked up about [skin] color. Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery – that if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke.

“If you got a slave master or [Ku Klux] Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that. That stuff lingers to this day. Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

Uh… that whole statement if fucking weird and bizarre. But he just seems like he’s rambling about shit and not vocalizing his thoughts very well. But also, you don’t hear white people asking for an apology, because it’s a stupid Bob Dylan quote in an interview. Of course, that’s not really fair of me to say because I’m not Croatian. My problem here is the fact that the CRICCF feels like THIS is the shit that needs to stuff up courtrooms. Take a chill pill, man.

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Here’s Your Chance To See Ugly Drawings From Bob Dylan In An Art Gallery

bob dylan pastels drawings gallery

Bob Dylan, pretty much universally known for being a songwriter, is also fond of sketching. And apparently his sketches (above) are good enough to be shown at the esteemed National Portrait Gallery in London. Because he’s Bob Dylan. If these drawings came from anyone other than Bob Dylan, they would be laughed at. Unless it was Jeff Goldblum. Let me tell you, Jeff Goldblum’s paintings are awesome. In a 3 wolf moon t-shirt awesome sort of way.

Some bits from BBC News:

A series of 12 pastel works, a mix of real and fictitious characters, will be displayed in the museum from September.

The singer, 72, who has drawn and sketched since childhood, has only exhibited his art publicly for the past several years.

Art historian John Elderfield, said the works were “products of the same extraordinary, inventive imagination”.

The images from Bob Dylan: Face Value have not been shown anywhere before.

Well, guess what, Mr. Dylan? None of this even compares to the painting of one topless Bea Arthur. How does it feeeeeeeel?

But hey, I’m no art critic, I’m just a person who got bored of Draw Something. What do you think of his work?

Everyone Is Doing A Bob Dylan Cover for Amnesty International

Do you guys dig Bob Dylan? Because, and don’t hate me, but I really, really don’t. Is that an unpopular opinion, to hate Bob Dylan? I mean, I don’t anything about his personal life or anything, all I know is that when I hear his voice I want to end it all. Is anybody with me?

Anyway, despite my active disgust with Bob Dylan’s voice, he actually has some pretty great songs. Take, for instance, Adele‘s cover of Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” up there. Gorgeous, right? Well, Adele and 71 other artists (including the likes of Miley and Ke$ha, can you imagine?) are teaming up to cover a number of Bob Dylan’s songs for a tribute album called Chimes of Freedom. The proceeds are going to Amnesty International.

The songs I’m most excited about include, of course, Adele’s, but also Ziggy Marley’s “Blowin’ in the Wind,” Jack’s Mannequin’s “Mr. Tambourine Man,” but most of all Flogging Molly’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

Check out the tracklist after the jump, then let me know which songs you’re excited to hear!

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“Bob is not authentic at all. He’s a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I. Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point.”

-Joni Mitchell, going after Bob Dylan and Madonna in an LA Times interview this week.

Damn, Joni Mitchell. Damn.

Cowell Attacks Bob Dylan 40 Years Too Late

Here’s something from our sisters over at Page 6.

Quoth the Simon Cowell:

“Do I prefer Kelly Clarkson’s music to Bob Dylan’s? Yes. I’ve never bought a Dylan record. A singing poet? It just bores me to tears. I’ve got to tell you, if I had 10 Dylans in the final of ‘American Idol,’ we would not be getting 30 million viewers a week. I don’t believe the Bob Dylans of this world would make ‘American Idol’ a better show.”

Well I don’t either because Bob Dylan is a cool 65 years old. That’s even older than that Taylor guy who won last time. Also, anyone who likes Bob Dylan is probably pretty mellow. Not a lot of hopped up folk fans, so I’d say Cowell is going after a pretty soft target.

In fairness, Kelly Clarkson sucks pretty heavily sometimes too.