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Miley “Accidentally” Tweeted A Series Of Personal Texts

miley cyrus instagram chanel photo

Miley Cyrus doesn’t know how to use twitter, it seems. At least that’s what she’d like us to believe, as whenever she tweets something juicy it gets taken down and followed with a, “Aw shucks my internet thingee got the hacking to it! My bad, y’all!” She tried using that excuse again when she “accidentally” tweeted a series of personal texts between her and someone named “FEFE” (could it be Fefe Dobson? lolz) in which Ms. Cyrus reveals her love of Xanax:

miley xanax

In Miley speak, “zanny” = “Xanax.” Cute! Cyrus followed that tweet up with this tweet (via Zimbio),

Someone has hacked my twitter. I’m back in action now! Wtf! If that shit!

Miley. You keep using this word, “hack.” It does not mean what you think it means. She tried again with another tweet:

Never mind. Realized I’m just an idiot & somehow I butt tweeted my conversation. Missing home #foodpoisoningsabitch.

Uh, okay. So…you (accidentally?) took a screenshot of your texts…and then somehow accidentally put that on twitter? All with the phone in your pants pocket? Come on. Come on, Miley. Miley, come on.

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    • What is up with you and mind control ? First Miley then Marilyn ! I think you need a padded room !

  • This chick is a supreme douche bag. Such a little desperate attention whore. Anyone who spends their life on Twitter is an asshole. She has always been insufferable but more so recently with her “I hate daddy” tweets, calling out his infidelities, when her mother was running around with Brett Michaels a few years back. Liam Hemsworth must be the dumbest man alive to be willing to marry this unstable and desperate little trick. Good luck with that dude! He will be the one who needs a “Zanny” once he ties the know with that little freak!

  • Once upon a time ago…..a sweet up-and-comer name Miley came to Disney and became a hit, She was one of the lucky ones, she made to uber-stardom. This was when someone should have been keeping an eye on her, and not just teaching her self respect and values, but actually applying them to daily life. I am willing to assume her latest childish behavior is due to the fact that like many stars that start out like she did, she lives in a fantasy. Shes probably medicating because she never learned how to put her big girl panties on by herself yet. Changing her look on the outside only tells us how extremely f’d up she is on the inside. If someone close to her that really has her best interest at heart doesnt step in and give her a refresher course on the ups/downs of adulthood and how to deal, she is going to amount to nothing. I’m not talking money here, Im talking about her personal sustinence. I love Justin Timberlake, cuz even if he isn’t perfect (what star his age doesn’t like to spark a doobie?!)lmfao, he is multi-talented, multi-faceted, a philanthropist even if the cameras are not on, and best of all, doesn’t hope his alleged “butt tweeting” will land him some attention. This girl will just keep trying to create some dumb image, that clearly isnt who she is, or she wouldnt be poppin zannies and cryin herself to sleep. Maybe she needs the zannies, along with some zoloft and some talk therapy. Oh, and scratch the haircut, survey says no one really likes it and ….Pink you will NEVER be! So show some respect and get with the real world you messed up xcuse for a superstar!