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More Bullshit: Zayn From One Direction Dresses Like a Woman In New Video

If there’s anything more hilarious/super fun to parody than effeminate gay men, it’s gotta be dressing in drag! Zayn Malik gets to play a “sexy assistant” called Veronica for One Direction‘s video for ‘Best Song Ever’. In case you forgot, Liam‘s a “flamboyant” gay dude who tells women that their eyes match their sweater. Somehow, I feel like this is going to be the WORST video ever. Seriously – what is the concept for this video? Try to impersonate marginalised groups for laughs? Sending a secret message about how they’re all actually secret gay cross-dressers?

One Direction is the worst, and I don’t expect them for one second to have any modicum of common sense or reflection on the implications of their “work”. They’re probably too braindead from all the hair spray and vagina (penis?) fumes. However, they do have handlers and producers and management who should be able to look at certain things and recognise how tasteless they are.

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  • I think you’re overreacting a bit. They seem to be dressing up like a gaggle of different characters. I agree they’re not the best singing group but I don’t see any secret messages of discrimination in there.

  • Totally agree with Jennifer. These kids are awful per se -I’d say the same if this video was from someone else- but I don’t get why do they have to laugh at it. Also, the fact that some of those characters are a parody of real British (and oh! suprise! gay!) ententainers and TV personalities makes me sick.

  • not funny. but that dude in drag looks totally fuckable, i will give him that.