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Oh, Isn’t That Sweet: Liam Payne Is “Flamboyant” in the New One Direction Video

Nothing better than when “straight” guys (I have to put it in quotes here, though it applies without the quotes, too) pretend to be flamboyantly gay just for fun! I mean, what’s not hilarious about making fun of effeminate homosexual men? It’s so funny!! Except it’s not, but that hasn’t stopped One Direction from casting one of its members, Liam Payne, as exactly that in their new video for ‘Best Song Ever’. Ughghghghghhghg.

Liam’s character is called Leeroy and he wears a pink sweatshirt and matching headband and says bullshit like, “Ooh, I love your blouse. It goes great with your eyes.” Can someone punch him and then the rest of his bandmates and then the producer of this video, their management and whoever greenlighted this stupid bullshit?
Sure, it’s “all in fun”… when you’re a straight dude who’s never been bullied for his sexuality (or a gay dude who beards with a girlfriend in order to escape the discrimination you’re taking part in yourself…). Sorry, I can’t get down with this.

The teaser of the video is above – the full thing will be released July 22, in time for their stupid 3D movie, This Is Us.

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