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Avril Lavigne Wore A Black Wedding Gown

avril lavigne wedding

Avril Lavigne married Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger while wearing a black wedding gown. I’m trying to find a joke in the sentence…but honestly, I’m in an emotional place right now where I’m discovering that after many, many years I actually like Snickers and it’s a wonderful feeling, so really I’m just happy for them. I have a new treat, they have a new marriage, she has a new dress, look at all of these new things.

According to People, the gown is,

a black Monique Lhuillier creation accented with matching jet roses […]

I hate her eye make up other than that, whatever, yay for nontraditional wedding dresses.

avril lavigne black wedding gown

What do you think?

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  • I kinda like the dress but I think the all black thing is too much. I suppose she is making some sort of statement but it would have actually been pretty had she gone with some color(s) to accent the dress. The roses especially are too over the top for me but….oh, these kids today! (The makeup is horrible.)

  • Ditto on the eye crap. I always wanted a Halloween wedding which would have included a black and ivory dress and lots of the coolest stuff you ever saw, etc., but, this void is just trying to make a statement.

  • I love Avril. She looks terrific.

    Now HE looks like an idiot. Either grow a real beard or stay clean-shaven, bub.

    • LOL esp for the use of “bub” I need to bring that one back, thank you so much.