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Is Nigella Lawson Moving to Los Angeles?

nigella lawson

Watch out, LA – the Queen of Food Porn (or whatever the hell title she was given, according to her Wikipedia page), Nigella Lawson, is apparently considering moving to Los Angeles following her split from her wrinkled ballsack of a husband, Charles Saatchi. In case you forgot (which I know you didn’t), the old asshole choked her repeatedly in public before claiming it was “all in good fun” and finally accepted a police caution (ONLY A CAUTION), but just to get it done and over with, not because he actually did anything wrong. Ugh, get out of my face.

In any case, Nigella apparently wants to take her kids and hightail it Stateside, which I don’t think any of us would be against, right?

From The Daily Star:

Friends say Nigella may now bring forward her plans to fly to LA to record a new series of ABC-TV’s cookery show The Taste.

Nigella is relatively unknown in the US, where the series, co-starring chef Anthony Bourdain, 56, has done little to boost her fame.

But it has been recommissioned and filming of the second series starts soon with auditions for contestants in LA, New York, Nashville and Chicago.

A source said: “Going to America may give Nigella space to help find a way to repairing the damage.

“After all that has happened in the past couple of weeks, the States may be her best way of finding the privacy she needs.”

The Domestic Goddess left her £14m Chelsea home with her two children last week and has since moved into a £10,000-a-week flat.

She has refused to make any comment on the situation but has been photographed in the street without her wedding ring.

The cookery presenter is thought not to have spoken to her husband since the shocking photographs were first published on June 16.

I hope she never speaks to the piece of shit again, frankly, unless it’s to say “fuck you“, of course. Also, to be honest, I hadn’t even heard of The Taste, and that’s coming from a fan of Nigella and Anthony Bourdain. Something tells me their respective personalities would be a bit stunted on an ABC show, but whatever. Maybe I’ll torrent it when it comes on again.

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