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7Holly Madison’s Engagement Ring Is F-cking Insane

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Why do I keep blogging about Holly Madison? She doesn’t do shit. And yet…I can’t stop. Especially not with this story about her engagement ring. Which is 18 carats. EIGHTEEN F-CKING CARATS. This is what a 1 carat diamond ring looks like:

diamond engagement ring

That’s from a jewelry website called EveAllure. So if that’s 1 carat, image WTF 18 carats looks like. OH WAIT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO, HERE IT IS:

holly madison engagement ring

THAT SHIT EXTENDS BEYOND HER KNUCKLE. Bitch is wearing a DIAMOND HOUSE on her finger. Yeah, that doesn’t really make sense. WHATEVER.

She gave details to People.

The ring (given to her by love Pasquale Rotella atop a Ferris wheel at Las Vegas’s Electric Daisy Carnival Sunday), is an 18-carat, cushion-cut yellow diamond surrounded by pink and yellow diamond flowers.

“My fiancé designed it himself,” with the help of celebrity jeweler Alan Friedman, Madison tells PEOPLE, “because I told him that’s what would make it most special.”

Part of what makes it so special: hidden touches Rotella included in the ring’s overall design. “Because we love owls, there is a hidden owl engraved on the rose gold in between two of the flowers,” she says. “The band is art nouveau-inspired, to go with the flowers.”



What do you think though — is her ring impressive, or tacky? Or somewhere in between?

June 26, 2013 at 5:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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7 Responses to “Holly Madison’s Engagement Ring Is F-cking Insane”

  1. CalliD says:

    Still ugly

  2. kimcheee says:

    I bet Maria Carey is jealous. LOL. It suits Holly. I wouldn’t wear it. It’s too big. I prefer Kat Von D’s current engagement ring with the skulls and black diamonds.

  3. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    very gay. (i say that as a compliment…) liberace woulda loved it.

  4. anotherfakeprincess says:

    I would wear it. I love it. I want it very much. A HIDDEN OWL. WANT!

  5. Koko269 says:

    Pretty hideous. Too big to look real.

  6. Kbaz says:

    Well most people choose an engagement ring with the idea that it has to be something not too obtrusive so that they can wear it every day and for all occasions. Also most people choose one with the thought that they will be wearing it for the rest of their life, but come on, this marriage won’t last a year and she needs something to pawn when she runs out of cash.

  7. Lugavnoff says:

    Clearly haven’t seen Elisha Cuthbert’s engagement ring.

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