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So I Guess This is Blake Lively’s Two-Million-Dollar Engagement Ring

photo of ryan reynolds and blake lively ring pictures
No, seriously, there are rumors floating around out there that say that the Lorraine Schwartz-designed ring ran new husband Ryan Reynolds an entire $2,000,000. That’s a lot of zeroes, guys, and I’m willing to bet that he didn’t drop that much on a Scarlett Johansson ring the first time around.

Here’s a close-up if you really want some details:

photo of blake lively and ryan reynolds ring pictures
It’s pretty gorgeous, right? And completely romantic-looking. Seriously, if the size of this ring is any indication of how much Ryan loves Blake (which is a silly, silly notion if I ever heard one), then boy oh boy is she in for a wonderful life. Also, do you want to hear something else pretty darn romantic? Blake and Ryan were married in the same location that The Notebook was filmed. Wonder if Blake had the movie on loop or something while the brief wedding-planning process was happening, huh?

Let’s all post pictures of our engagement rings, huh? I think that would be a fun activity for the night. I’ll go first—here’s mine!

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  • It wasn’t meant to put down anybody, I just thought the post was lame. But yeah good for you, you have a big diamond ring, awesome, way to go! I guess that makes you cool!

    • haaaaa! havta agree. i’ve been married for a year. my ring cost $400 at sears and is pretty tiny. i love it. chicks ask to see it with MEGA ANTICIPATION then get bummed out once they lay eyes upon it. fuck. that. i used to do alcohol promotions too; you know the broads that cruise around the bar saying, “hey, did you know sailor jerry drinks are only $3 tonight if you take this token to your bartender?” if i had a dollar for every asshole dude who picked on my tiny little wedding band, hoping i was a sucker who would take their douche opinion into consideration & go home with them. LOLZ 4 DAYZ! and so i say fuck. thisssssss!

      • Haha I don’t even have a diamond ring! My husband and my wedding bands are silver with sculls etched all over it! Love it!

    • I think it’s funny that people are claiming you’re putting someone down, when that’s what just about what every post on this site does. Celeb or non-celeb, they get hits on putting people down. How many jokes were made about Miley’s ring?

  • I don’t care for More than 2 carat diamonds. I also don’t like when people feel the need to upsell a stone. Mostly because the average person won’t have the ready income to purchase so large or expensive of a ring. I mean ANYBODY can buy a huge ass ring on credit, but there is something distasteful about having to help pay off your own ring after the wedding.

    When my husband proposed, he made sure to have enough money saved so that our shared income never went toward the engagement/wedding set. It’s a pretty big stone (at least I think it’s big) and all his friends insisted he go above 2 carats. After awhile it just looks fake, like Jessica Beil’s ring.
    Luckily he knew how I felt about large diamonds and bought something I would like, not something to make his dick and paycheck look huge. It makes me nervous to see people wearing a down payment on a house, or new car on their fingers. It’s scary.

  • you guys are lame. lets tailor the internet to you specifically. stop coming to the site and trolling around looking to be bitches. its so fucking annoying.

    • i understand this point. totally agree, and i am one of said lame peeps. but damn, EB, i juss caint quit yew! #brokebackmountainstyle

  • this whole debate is stupid. to each their own. when i got engaged, my husband proposed with a 2.5 carat near flawless diamond with tiny pink diamonds covering the platinum band. and why not? we both have advanced degrees and can afford it. that being said, i did NOT post photos of my ring on facebook or the internet. friends of mine and people who met me have seen it, otherwise, i don’t see the need to brag about it via photos. i do have to say though, sarah’s ring looks to be a decent size (it really is hard to tell via internet) and i can relate so good for her! the saddest thing is when women post photos of their tiny little stones on facebook like they’re proud of a measly 0.5 or 1.0 carat diamond engagement ring. honey, no one is impressed with that.

    • They are probably thinking about their love and their happy futures. My sister is like you. It really bothers her when other people have actual love and are happy, so she tries to top them in petty ways, like with the illusion of money.

    • What an incredibly, pointlessly shallow post. Have you ever considered that they aren’t so much showing off their “measly” ring as they are showing their excitement about marrying the person they love? That focus on the big ring / big wedding rather than the focus on love and a happy marriage is entirely too popular. No wonder the divorce rate is so high.

      • ok, why must you people assume that a large ring and a loving marriage are mutually exclusive?! i for one don’t believe in divorce. my husband and i have been married for 4 years now and have never been happier. we made a vow, “till death do us part,” and we take that extremely seriously. all of a sudden because i have a large ring (which isn’t even THAT big, geez! a 2.5 carat round stone is tasteful and not too big or too small so get over it). yes, people often gasp at my ring (i think it’s the pink diamonds more than the size of the center diamond), but i don’t go out of my way to show it off. when i got engaged i posted pictures of me and my then-fiance (now husband) to “show my excitement about marrying the person i love.” i did NOT have a close-up of just my hand though, because i thought it was tasteless to brag. if these women are truly happy about marrying “the person they love” then they shouldn’t have a picture of JUST their hand because it’s demeaning the relationship to a mere piece of jewelry. be jealous and petty if you want by saying that i’m mean or shallow, but that’s my opinion.

      • dearest “what the”, i would’ve replied to your snobby ass, but alas there was no ‘reply’ option to click on. please pardon me, your highness. oh i’d soooooo fuck you up outside a dive bar. if only! thanks for the morning LOLZ and have fun high on your mountain top, miss priss. your mountain WILL crumble one day…

    • honey boo boo child “what the?!”, no one is impressed with YOU. stick it up yer arse, ye shallow cunt.

      • “pikki nikki,” i find it ridiculous that you replied to yourself. also, this is a blog where people are allowed to comment and state their opinions. you don’t hear me telling YOU to silence your seemingly white trash pie hole, do you? in fact, please continue to regale us with tales of your dive bar escapades, you classy strumpet. i’m done with you.

    • Wow are you a snot!! It doesn’t matter what size a diamond is! Maybe they don’t have a “advanced degree” and that’s all they can afford!! It’s what it represents and they can be proud of they diamond rings no matter what size it is! Loser!

  • Holy rock-amole, Sarah!! Beautiful, classy and impressive!! Your man has good taste (obviously)! Do you ever wear just your wedding band? I have three bands in my set & I maybe, maybe wear the outer bands by themselves once in a blue moon. I just love them all together.
    My husband proposed with a lovely sized emerald. I love it because it is my birthstone and outside of the norm. Our five-year anniversary is coming up in two weeks and he surprised me bu upgrading my wedding set. I have wanted this set since before we got married (it is actually just a larger set of my previous wedding set, same design & settings, only larger). I think it is absolutely beautiful, and definitely worth the wait. My emerald is a princess cut and my wedding diamond is an emerald-cut. It isn’t a two million dollar rock, but I also wouldn’t want the life and pressures that come with that caliber stone, ya know? More money, more problems; I have seen that first-hand. The ladies in my neighborhood who sport $150K rings have men who cat-around with enough money to keep throwing jewelry at them until their infidelities are overlooked, at the very least.

    Nicole, if you hate it around here so much, why have you spent the time to post and then post again? Maybe you should find a hobby, since it appears you have ample time on your hands. May I suggest eHarmony? Then, maybe you could enjoy the ring conversation, once you get one of your own.

    • I generally don’t wear just my wedding band, because it’s one of those bands that curves to fit the engagement ring (whatever that’s called), so when I take off the engagement ring, it’s like … lonely looking or something. LOL And thanks! :D

  • When my husband and I got engaged, he got me a very tiny diamond. I LOVED it, not only because I don’t wear jewelry in general and it would have looked funny to be wearing some big honkin’ thing, but also because I think there are better things to spend your money on (and we didn’t have much money at the time). Plus it was really pretty, and it symbolized our love for each other (and really, the latter thing is the only thing that matters). Unfortunately, I used to have to take it off for dance performances, and I ended up losing it. So a few years ago (for our fifth wedding anniversary) he got me a new engagement ring, and it was quite an upgrade from the first, but I still wouldn’t have let him get it if it hadn’t been during a HUGE jewelry sale at Macy’s where it was 80% off! Ugh, I am just too frugal sometimes!

  • Wow…who knew ladies would get so up in arms about a harmless gratuitous ring post? I love looking at celebrity AND non-celebrity rings. Innocent fun. Sarah, your ring is beautiful, and so is Blake’s. Thanks for the post!

  • I have stayed away from this gossip blog for awhile, but this thread is fascinating. 

    You girls are so silly! Calling each other “cunts” and acting like kids: “My stone is bigger than your stone”, as if it matters. In the big scheme of things a diamond ring is surely a pretty and nice thing to have, but it’s still a thing. It can be lost, stollen, even broken, and when the really important events of your life are happening, like, say, giving birth to your first baby, celebrating a hard earned professional success, or finally achieving some personal goal, it hardly matters if you wear a diamond, how big it is, or what cut it is. 

    When your kids are taking their firts steps, they wouldn’t care if you wear a diamond or a friggin cheesecake on your head. When pursuing your higher degree and taking these difficult tests, a diamond is of no help, and when struggling with a loss or feeling overjoyed by a happy development, a diamond is the last thing on your mind. Don’t get me wrong, I like having shiny accessories and I do get infatuated with brand clothes and stuff, but most of the time I’m too occupied with the big and small challenges and victories of my life as a woman, mother, artist, and whatever else I’m trying to be, to care about rings or clothes, or worse – about other people’s rings or clothes. 

    It seems to me that in 2012 going on 2013, women all around the world could be concerned about bigger things. There are so many better ways to celebrate your relationship, your beauty, but also your wealth and social status if you will, and these don’t include commenting on gossip blogs about the size of your wedding rings. I don’t envy big rock owners, and I’m not even annoyed at their bragging. I am a bit saddened that even though they are lucky enough to be in a happy marriage, and in the good financial position to afford expensive jewelry, they fail to see the bigger picture. 

    Yes, money can be spent more wisely in saving for your own home, on traveling the world, on making your everyday life easier or in investing in projects that make you happy or the world better. But that’s not the point – how to spend your money is your own choice, just like the size and type of the diamond you wear. Now, the essential part here is that the diamond traditionally represents the bond between two people, and their commitment and value to each other. 

    The very fact that you are being engaged or married is worth shouting from rooftops and cherished and bragged about, because it is The Thing, and the diamond is simply the representation this thing. Gosh, just look at all those celebrities you read about here, struggling to find happiness in love. This Blake chick, she has a huge super expensive rock, but her husband was already divorced once, after giving a huge ring to another chick, supposedly till death do them apart. How long you really give this couple? I wish them all the best, but in showbuisness things tend to be flaky in the marriage front. And really, even regular folks spend most of their lives searching for the one. Now look at you. You found him/her. Good job! Be merry! Ring or not. 

    Where I come from (namely Bulgaria, that’s Eastern Europe), diamonds are not the rule. You get matching golden bands and you move on to living your married life, and if you want diamonds, then you just get it as a separate piece of jewelry, if you can afford it, which is often not the case. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’ll one day travel and live outside my country, let alone own a diamond. The way I procured the diamond, however, to this day blows me away and makes me so very happy and grateful every time I remember my engagement. 

    So how about we share STORIES instead of ring photos. Here’s mine:

    My husband and I met …on MySpace in 2006 while he was playing professional soccer in Bulgaria, and I was working at dispatch in the police force. After a month of exchanging messages we met in person and never separated ever since. I found love in the most unexpected way, in the face of an American guy so different than anyone I dated so far.  It was his third year there, and my sixth year at the job, and we both were done and wanted to move on and follow our bigger dreams (tech career for him, university and writing career for me), so we looked at the map together and chose London. In 2007 we moved there, and on valentines day 2008 he took me to the London Eye, and when we were at the very top, overlooking this great city, he got down on one knee and asked my hand in marriage, under the cheers of about 50 tourists. I was so happy, I couldn’t wait. We walked to Hatton Garden that same evening and got a tiny small diamond ring on sale; we were married 6 months later, and after I finished my studies we moved back to California, where this year we celebrated 4 years of family bliss. Lots of things happened meanwhile, but every time I look at that ring I am filled with pride and good memories – the cafe I used to hang out after class stalking Lily Allen (true story), the way my husband looked in his wedding suit, the ups and downs of our hippie London life, so cosmopolitan and interesting but so far away from home. I consider happy marriage and owning a diamond ring to be great enough, but I consider the ability to appreciate them greater. 

    I hope this will not come across as an attempt to be profound or preaching some cliched ideology; yet “wow, you have a diamond ring (big OR small), you must be a great person” said no one ever. 

    Besides, I’m sure that taking a minute to recall your engagement moments (or fantasizing about it) is much more pleasant than getting into virtual fights with strangers about the material things you have or don’t have. 

    I wrote this while my gorgeous baby boy sleeps next door, sans my ring as my fingers are still too swollen from the pregnancy to fit. The ring sits almost forgotten in a bowl on my vanity table, but I don’t need it to be reminded of how tremendously lucky and happy I am. I just need to look at my son, and I think I wouldn’t care even if I never wear the ring again. 

      • “bobby pfeiffer,” your post is so wonderful! you are truly blessed and obviously a very well spoken, educated woman. i agree with a lot of what you wrote in your post and you truly seem like you have a wonderful marriage and a loving family.

        this whole thing wasn’t supposed to blow up into a full blown argument! i was merely addressing one person (“pikki nikki”) who seemed petty and jealous and was talking about beating people up in dive bars. she has no idea who anyone on this site is, what they do for a living, or what kind of marriage they have. because she (and a few others) assumed that because i have an expensive ring i don’t have a loving marriage, i felt the need to set her straight. i think in the grand scheme of things, a big or small diamond means nothing if the love and fidelity in a marriage are not there. but a large diamond also doesn’t automatically mean the only thing the people in that marriage care about is material possessions! that is ludicrous.

        and for those saying i am on a “high mountain top” and a “priss,” you are ridiculous. i had an extremely difficult childhood and came from nothing. i studied so hard to get a full academic scholarship to a top university and then put myself through grad school, then med school. no one ever handed me anything without my having to work for it. my husband grew up in better circumstances but his father was an alcoholic who was, at time, abusive. he got out and put himself through college and graduate school. now, not only are we happy and truly in love, but we own our own home in a large city. we worked extremely hard for what we have. someone said “well maybe people have a small diamond because they don’t have an advanced degree so they can’t afford it.” i don’t believe that. if they don’t have an advanced degree it’s their issue. a higher education is attainable for anyone who wants to put their mind to it and work hard.

  • Gosh bobby, I’m so glad you were able to set all of us ‘girls’ here straight. It would be so foolish, and narrow of ANY of us to make a broad generalized statement about what other ‘girls’ should wear, or say, or think. Thank you!

  • hey women. i’d like to apologize for being a cunt to the cunt. it takes 2 to tango, and i for 1 was being a total judgmental cunt – you have my sincerest apologies, and i will strive to tolerate & accept those who find extreme importance in being upper class (my ass). oh shit, there i go again! then i’ve got this potty mouth, see, oh God, so many things to keep in check…
    but i digress.
    bobby pfeiffer gives awesome perspective, totally agree. thank you, me lady.