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Farrah Abraham Is A Graduate… of a Court-Mandated Alcohol Education Course, That Is

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham has proven herself to be a pretty useless human, sadly, so it’s quite rare that stories about her are about anything positive. This one is… sort of! You see, Farrah Abraham has pursued a higher education, of sorts, and she’s now a graduate… of a mandatory alcohol education class that was a condition of her probation in her DUI case. I mean, let’s not split hairs here – sure, she’d go to jail if she didn’t finish this class and she would never have had to go to the class if she hadn’t got behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol, but so what. She’s a graduate! Time to celebrate and get WASTED!!! Oh…

From TMZ:

As TMZ previously reported … the anusly-gifted porn star copped a plea deal with prosecutors earlier this month — pleading guilty to DUI.  She got 6 months probation and was ordered to complete an alcohol education course.

The “Backdoor Teen Mom” took her punishment like a man. We’re told she was on her “best behavior” in booze school.

Farrah took the classes in Texas (where she lives), rather than Nebraska (where she was arrested) and even got a diploma!   Well, really it’s just a certificate of completion.

Well… congratulations? I’m definitely way more into this than, you know, her porn, or violence towards her mother, her parenting “skills”, her random exploitation of Charlie Sheen… you get the drift.