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4Just Bein’ Miley: Miley Cyrus Calls A Paparazzo A Bitch

miley cyrus hardcore

Miley Cyrus is so hardcore, you guys. This isn’t the same Miley we’ve grown to love tolerate. And you know what? I like this new Miley better. This Miley isn’t taking crap, and I though I don’t think her approach was classy, she was justified in her anger and the, ah, spirit of her message when she cursed at a paparazzo. The story from Gossip Cop:

The “We Can’t Stop” singer was swarmed by photographers upon exiting a medical building in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. One paparazzo asked the singer, “Miley are you pregnant?” to which Cyrus shot back, “No, I’m f-cking sick you bitch!”


Ms. Cyrus is reportedly sick with laryngitis.

Here’s video of the whole thing. In case you really, really need to see it.

June 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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4 Responses to “Just Bein’ Miley: Miley Cyrus Calls A Paparazzo A Bitch”

  1. Ego says:

    Lol. I’d def be friends with her in real life.

    • Brooklyn Damian Stone says:

      i bet she is a good friend. and is it really that crazy she said that. the lady yelling bitch as she was driving away was way worse. i would say a whole lot more if i felt like shit.

  2. whitt says:

    She was totally justified in that. Good for her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    these paparazzi should be embarrassed.

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