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Beyoncé BabyGate (LOL): Does This Look Like a Pregnant Woman To You?


Beyoncé isn’t pregnant – or is she? (She’s not.) Despite denials by her record label (er, or Gayle King, but whatever) and by Bey herself via photos of herself drinking wine and smoking cigars, people are still talking about this shit. So here, we examine the state of Beyoncé’s abs and ask ourselves, “Does it look like there’s a baby in there?”

The answer is, obviously, no. I hear many of our resident naysayers grumbling about how of course she’s not pregnant, she was never pregnant even with Blue Ivy, and to that I say, LOL I love me a conspiracy theorist.

Anyway, this is what the Queen wore to Kanye West’s birthday party at a place called Ms. Lily’s on Saturday night, and some people think it proves once and for all that she’s not a resident of Babytown, USA. I dunno, she probably wishes she was pregnant at this rate so that everyone would shut the hell up about it.

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