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Uh, LOL? Rihanna Smacked a Bitch With Her Microphone


Rihanna always insists she lives the thug life, and while rolling blunts in your Chanel stilettos while lying on silk sheets may not scream “hood” to anyone here, this story sure will (in the best way possible). Our dear RiRi was walking through the crowd as she performed ‘We Found Love’ during her show in Birmingham, England when a fan grabbed her arm a little too aggressively and wouldn’t let go. While she tried to pull away without incident (and security was walking along with her), this audience bitch decided to hang on tightly, so Rihanna did what anyone would: she turned around and smacked them (we don’t see if it’s a man or woman) in the face with her mic. A job well done, I’d say.

Listen, y’all know I don’t advocate violence of any kind, but no one was hurt here (yes, I’m assuming) and Rihanna didn’t just start throwing bows for something to do. When someone won’t get their hands off you despite your repeated attempts to get away from them, sometimes you gotta use physical force  for your own well-being. So yes, I’m pulling the “self-defense” card here for Rihanna. No, I’m not saying she was going to be hurt, but that still doesn’t give any stranger (or non-stranger) the right to put their hands on you and not remove them when you ask, verbally or by PULLING AWAY.

Anyhow, here’s video of the incident if you’d like to see for yourself:

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  • well? teeny bopper should’ve let go. but isn’t that what the big buff dudes are for? oh grumpy ri ri…learning from master brown i see…

  • “Wooooooooo!!!!!! Rihanna pimp slapped me and it was awesome!!! Woooooo!!!!!!!!!”