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That’s Alright, Rihanna Likes The Way It Hurts

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Rihanna loves getting bikini waxes and aren’t you super happy you know this? Personally I’ve never gotten a bikini wax because I don’t like the idea of HOT WAX BEING POURED ON MY GENITALS but whatever. Here’s how Rihanna feels about it, from Pop 2 It:

The “Right Now” singer surprised beauty technicians at a waxing salon in Toronto when she sang her way through the brutal procedure.

Workers at the Fuzz Wax Bar tell the Daily Star RiRi refused the numbing cream they apply as a standard process. “No way, I love the pain,” Rihanna tells the esthetician. “It feels good to me.”

On top of that, she never screeched or squealed during her full-bore bikini wax. The salon staff says the walls are very thin, so they could tell Rihanna was actually enjoying herself. “She was singing and humming songs all through the treatment,” says the source. “None of us could stop laughing.”

Who sings throughout a waxing? That’s kind of impressive actually. I guess she wants to make sure she’s all neat and tidy for her totally breathtaking short shorts.

This somehow isn’t even the weirdest celebrity waxing story I’ve read. Anyone remember the story about the public hair waxing person who raved over how beautiful Scarlett Johansson‘s naked body is? That was so odd. Because why was Scarlett completely naked? Do you need to be fully nude for a bikini wax?

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  • 1. No – not fully nude. Nude from the waist down.

    2. You say you’ve not had a wax before – I think the first three times I had one hurt, and after that my body got used to it and I barely feel it anymore. It’s like plucking eyebrows or epilating your legs – after a few times the sensation isn’t intense anymore. I wouldn’t call the experience pleasant, but it’s not unpleasant either.

    • I didn’t realize the word ‘nude’ was blocked on the website. That’s a whole new level of censorship!! Call the decency-police!

  • Well, the waxing part isn’t enjoyable at all, but I have to say I do enjoy theHOT WAX BEING POURED ON MY GENITALS. They don’t pour it on there and it’s not hot, it’s just really warm and feels kinda nice.
    And I might not sing when getting waxed (I just laugh the whole time), but only because I’d be embarrassed about it.
    I sing through the unpleasant stuff I do at home, like cold showers and epilating. It distracts me from the pain. So I kinda feel Rihanna on that one, but “it feels so good to me” … yeah, no. I wouldn’t exactly describe a bikini wax with those words.

    Maybe Scarlett got a full body wax?

  • I had one once- the pain wasn’t too bad but I didn’t go back cause the woman missed hairs. I had to pluck them out, which WAS the most painful thing ever.

  • “Full bore”? I’ve never had a wax so I have no knowledge on this subject but I don’t want a full bore anything by a stranger! Yikes!

  • You all are nuts…. Let the bush grow & trim up the sides so it doesn’t look like your vag is wearing Mickey mouse ears.

  • Seriously don’t understand the whole bikini wax/Brazilian thing. Armpits? OK. Legs? OK. Pubic area? Who fucking cares? Unless I’m wearing a bathing suit (which happens maybe three times during the summer), I totally can’t be bothered.

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