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Adele Got Bulletproof Windows In Her House


Sure, why not? Adele apparently installed bulletproof glass in her £5 million London home in order to “protect her family“, apparently. This, according to The Daily Mail, that bastion of fine journalism that can always be counted on for the truest and most important news stories out there.

Even though the house is in a pretty richy rich neighbourhood where other high rollers live, as well, no doubt, Adele thinks they all – herself, boyfriend Simon Konecki and son Angelo – need extra security, hence the bulletproof windows. Find me a person who wants to shoot Adele, though. Well, actually, don’t – people are fucking crazy.

”She moved in a couple of months ago.

“She has renovated the whole place and has even installed bulletproof windows. The property has four bedrooms.”

Those quotes were from an “insider”. LOL, what an exclusive. Anyone who looked up the property online could find that out! Whatever, I just want a new Adele album now, please.

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  • Another rich moron with more money than brains. Guess she’s a typical Brit who doesn’t realize guns are illegal. That is, except for crooks. What a joke.