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Adele Wants Another Baby Within Two Years, Apparently

Adele only popped out her first kid, baby Angelo, in October 2012, but apparently she’s already ready to think about getting another bun in the oven since motherhood has changed her so much and nothing compares to it, blah blah.

From The Daily Star:

The singing sensation, who will sing Skyfall for her big comeback performance, has told friends she and boyfriend Simon Konecki already want another baby.

My source here in LA said: “Adele has been telling her friends that she is ready to try for another baby.

“She loves being a mum and wants two kids to grow two years apart.

“Her priorities have changed since meeting Simon and becoming a parent. She still loves her singing career but has told friends nothing compares with being a mum.

“She still loves writing and singing but her career aspirations have changed.”

Adele’s people last night would not comment but I’m told another tot is on the cards.

I guess you’d be more keen to hurry up and get knocked up again when you’re rich as hell and can afford nannies and carers around the clock and not have to be up 24 hours a day changing diapers, trying to get it to stop crying, etc. Then again, maybe I’m just being pessimistic (it’s been known to happen). I just have high expectations of my entertainers and don’t like to think of her retiring before 30 and only busting into song as she’s filling bottles at night or something. Sing for me, Adele! Dance, monkey, dance!

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