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Amanda Bynes’ Newest ‘Ugly’ Target: Miley Cyrus

amanda b

Amanda Bynes is notorious for calling people ugly, and no one is off limits. From Perez Hilton to Drake to her own father, she has serious opinions on those who aren’t up to par aesthetically, and her newest target is Miley Cyrus.

Taking to her Twitter page (where else?) on Tuesday, Amanda posted a photo of Miley and @ messaged her to let her know she hasn’t been touched by beauty.  Oh, snap!

amanda bynes

Damn, that’s cold. Miley hasn’t responded thus far (and if she’s smart, she won’t) but what the hell prompted that? Not that crazy really needs a reason, but it did seem rather random, even for Amanda. But for all those haters, she has one thing to say:

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  • Say whatever you want but looking at Miley is like looking in a mirror, Amanda, it’s your reflection staring right back at you. Take another look at your mug shot if you don’t believe.

  • She’s loosing it. Why isn’t she in rehab by now? It’s been months, between hit & runs and crazy behavior, if I was part of her femily I would’ve sent her straight to rehab to get her back on her feet.
    I’m sick of hearing from her and her shit on this website.