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SHOCKER: Leonardo DiCaprio Had Lots Of Sex With Models In Cannes

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Leonardo DiCaprio apparently slept with a whole slew of young models while he was hanging out in Cannes and frankly, I’m concerned, as this is totally unusual and unexpected behavior from Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, think about it. Leonardo DiCaprio? With models? Having sex with them? It’s just so not him.

Here’s the latest in Leonardo DiCaprio Is Better Than You Are, So F-ck You news (from Star magazine via Celebitchy):

Leonardo DiCaprio has always had a penchant for leggy models, but the playboy actor outdid himself in Cannes, hooking up with SEVEN women!

“It’s incredible – even for him!” marvels a source. “They were all young gorgeous model types, just the kind of girl he likes. He doesn’t even have to try, they just follow him around.”

Leonardo skipped the Australian premiere of The Great Gatsby so he could stay in the south of France and party on his yacht during the film festival!

“Leo really knows how to throw a party… it was almost Gatsby-esque in how opulent it was. Everyone knows that if Leo’s throwing a party, it’s going to be a blast!”

I hope he used protection. The article then goes on to contradict itself and say that Mr. DiCaprio is “ready to settle down” and go the Bradley Cooper route by dating 20-year-old German model Toni Garrn.

What is the BIG DEAL over this guy? Titanic-era Leo I TOTALLY get, but after the ’90s he started to look like an overgrown baby. It’s like he has perpetual preteen face. I don’t get it.

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  • He’s rich, he’s famous, he probably looks like somebody who can get Just Another Pretty Face/Body some press. I guess there are worse rich guys to screw if you are that type of female. (One notch above prostitute, that is.)

  • Um gross. I dont get it either. Ok so if we were talking about Leo circa Romeo and Juliet or Titanic….then fucking swooooon…I get it. I was that in that OBSESSED, celebrity love, crush phase when i was a 12, 13, 14 year old little girl. Even now when i watch R&J or Titanic, it just gets me. That being said…Leo now..he’s just, ughhhhh. He looks old, he looks bloated, a little creepy. The way he just womanizes and runs after little 20 year old girls, is just disgusting. He started to go downhill after GIselle. Then after Bar Rafelli, he just bacame pervy, and kind of icky.
    But I guess it is like the same reason why Jack Nicholsin inexplicably gets girls. Their both that once upon a time he was the gorgeous it guy. Some girls fall for it. But in my opinion all I see now is that once upon a time quality because he is sure as shit not gorgeous anymore.

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