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Leonardo DiCaprio is Still F*&@ing This Deformed Moose?

If you need any more convincing that Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor of our time, then check out the swamp thing that he’s been “in a relationship” with for several years now in these new lingerie ads. Give him an Oscar for being able to stand looking at this thing with a straight face. Ugh. Can you imagine a woman with a body like this being paid to pose for lingerie? And then she goes home and Leonardo DiCaprio has to pretend to be sexually interested in her? What is it like to have so many people bend over backwards to put a smile on your hideous face, Bar Refaeli?

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  • To hell with Alaskan “Moose”.

    I want some of that California “Moose”

    And to think that body is being wasted on a tool like DiCraprio.

  • please tell me this is sarcastic…. bar refaeli is easily one of the most beautiful women out there

  • yeah, i would probably kill myself if i was so ugly. but seriously, that was actually really funny, molls. this whole “perfection” thing she has goin on would be a lot better if she was stupid or a bitch or something. and of course shes, ahem, “dating” one of my all time favorite actors. good grief.

    • Really? You didn’t get that?
      I have never known someone to be so completely clueless – pretty cute, Anon.

    • I started to look. It became to damn painful. OMFG! I feel like Kasey (below) does. I think I’ll just go hang my sorry self.

  • She’s ugly. Damn MF ugly. The only reason guys like her is because her first name is “Bar”. Hell, it almost had me fooled. She has one of those mouths that’s permanently in a frown…the rest of her is just a big ol’ mess too. Seriously, if you think she’s attractive you’ve got serious body image issues. Clearly everyone who’s posted so far has to be more attractive than her.

    • If you think her body is a “mess”, who the hell are you married to that is so fucking hot? Rosie O’Donnell?

      • She’s mediocre at best. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed but I’d close my eyes and think of someone…anyone else. I’m guessing she smokes because her face looks 15 years older than she probably is. I like her curves, I won’t lie. But I like the whole spectrum. Super curvy, rail thin…it depends on the chick…and the confidence…and most importantly…THE FACE. Bar, while she has a great name, has a fugly-ass face.

      • um I think Laura gets it’s sarcasm you fool. I presume she was going down the route of this article is shit, what do you expect from Molls? Untwist your panties

  • hahahaha god bless america.
    Anonymous: “I don’t get it.”
    melanie: “please tell me this is sarcastic…. bar refaeli is easily one of the most beautiful women out there”
    Anonymous: “I don’t get this.”
    Anonymous: “I don’t get this either.”
    lindsey: “I think she is beautiful. Your post made no sense.”

    wow. just wow. i really do <3 these people. the intelligence of these commentors and this DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A WOMAN, ms. rafaeli (sarcasm? gosh, really?), make me feel real good about myself.

  • @ wowza – you read my mind!
    As for Bar R. – I can’t deny she’s got a killer bod but, although I don’t hate her in general, I can’t say I like her face. Somehow it seems tired and puffy without photoshop interventions. Sorry to say it but she’s a butterface!

    • I’ve always thought the same thing. She has a flawless figure no matter what but when they don’t airbrush her face it just falls short of pretty for me.

  • I think this piece is “sarcastic” but its trying to hard

    bar is my favourite model, she beats any VS model, as she has a healthy body, plus she’s amazingly beautiful

    • Exactly. It sounds like Molls decided to try that newfangled “sarcasm” thing she’d heard about, she understood it to mean “say the opposite of what you believe” (nothing more, nothing less) and then filled her 200-word quota with the same concept repeated in different ways.

      D’you suppose EB might be on the cutting edge of technology and is actually testing out a robot who is trying to learn “human ways”? 8-|

  • I think Molls thought she would be really clever and see how many people would got angry at her when they misinterpreted her sarcasm so she could seem superior. Reality = just not funny. Sorry, Molls. Try harder next time sweetie, k?

  • wow. I get that this is most likely sarcasm but seriously? Way to make people feel good about themselves and like you more Molls. When is Beet going to fire her?

  • One could say.. Roomies with planned privilages. She is hated in Israel.. he’s hating Israel too, giving her free room and board, work and public connections sponsership while she pursues her career to include movies and TV while he quietly dates his BBF..

  • I thought this a hilarious post!
    For all the people here I see bashing Molls, if you don’t like her style, then sincerely stop reading. How many times do you have to complain?

  • LEO is bi and this REFAELI chick is one of his “beards”. His current partner is fellow actor LUKAS HAAS. Why not after all? Shes seen with him, shes in the news, she gets more publicity, money, contracts etc etc. Lets get real, they are so many closeted gay/bi in Hollywood, that ur mind cant conceive…

  • Molls is an idiot. Her writing IS so bad that people can’t tell if she’s using sarcasm or not. I agree that you don’t want to be completely obvious when using sarcasm, but a little hint is usually in there somewhere.

    Molls should not be a professional writer, end of story.

    Oh….almost forgot….why haven’t any of the writers on Evilbeet written anything about how it only took Jay Leno three days to grab the ratings back from Letterman?

  • love u molls…great post…fuck the haters they are total nitwits seriously if they don’t get it. keep up pissing them off :)

  • A deformed Moose would have to be someone that is utterly repulsive. Like say, Lady Gaga. Bar Refaeli is the exact opposite.