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This Gal is Not Ugly at All


We reported back at the end of January that Leo was fair game but I’m sad to report that seems not the be the case. He’s back with the girl who we thought had dumped him.

Jerusalem AP took a quick time-out from being bombed to report:

Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in Israel with supermodel Bar Refaeli this weekend, creating a paparazzi storm… They apparently hoped to slip into the country unnoticed on a night flight from Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday, but the plane was also carrying a group of Israeli entertainment reporters on their way back from a press junket in Ireland.

Well that’s just bad luck. And it would be hard to hide the fact you were Leo DiCaprio and you happened to be chillin’ with a 21 year-old supermodel. Even with a ballcap on.

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  • I’m sure everyone cares as much about this as I do (which is not at all… and yet, I’m bothering to write this).

    Today, Bar & Leo tried to go to the Western Wall and return to their hotel unmobbed. The paparazzi could not let that happen. They tried to get some shots, Bar & Leo’s bodyguards repulsed them violently… photogs and bodyguards ended up at the police station. The photographers are suing the bodyguards. The bodyguards are suing back. Bar’s father is suing the paparazzi.
    And no one succeeded in getting even one pic. Ha.

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