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Does Tyra Banks “not care anymore”?

tyra banks blonde hair bangs

Supermodels are judged pretty harshly as they age, and God forbid they ever leave the house without makeup. Sometimes though, I won’t lie, I feel smug satisfaction when some of them are photographed looking crappy because when you hit the genetic jackpot you deserve some bad hair days too. There’s this blind item going around that I think is clearly about Tyra Banks. Here it is, from Downfront 2 via Blind Gossip:

This Supermodel was seen on the street looking very relaxed… with very unsupermodel makeup.

Does she not care anymore? Could this be a sign of retirement? She’s been out of the spotlight for a minute anyway.

At first, I thought it might be about Cindy Crawford since she was photographed yesterday at LAX without makeup on, but Ms. Crawford’s been in the spotlight lately after showing up at Cannes looking fab and then a few days ago, a photo of her 16-year old self modeling in a bikini “leaked”. I did some googling and found photos of Tyra Banks from June 4 “on the street” looking “very unsupermodel”-y. Here’s one of them, from SandraRose.

tyra banks candid no makeup 2013

And here’s another one from a separate NYC outing.

tyra banks in nyc 2013

It’s fine, let Tyra walk around without makeup/bad makeup. I like seeing celebs go barefaced. It does seem a little unusual for her though, doesn’t it? Isn’t she known for being super high maintenance?

Yeah, it’s a pretty slow news day.

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  • I don’t see the problem? In the first photo, her hair looks super-flat/matted but she looks okay… and definitely more supermodel-y than I’ve ever looked walking down the street. In the second photo I think she looks great. Am I missing something?

    • Wait. I just noticed the weird yarn-chain necklace in the second photo. WHAT EVEN is that??

  • Are you being sarcastic? Because I think she looks fabulous…albeit a little ‘fuller’ than she used to be.

  • If THIS is “does not care” then me on grocery day (or any given Tuesday) is “oh God she is suicidal, call 911.”

  • This is a little off-topic but, is it Tyra or Naomi who had her hair weaved so tight for so long that now she’s half bald?

  • She looks normal. It’s a good thing. Women can relate to normal. We know it when we see it. I am calling it…….. Normal is the new Normal.