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3Will Khloe Kardashian Do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

khloe kardashian

Dancing with the Stars is where celebrities go to die, generally speaking. Unless you’re, like, Kirstie Alley, you won’t be experiencing a career renaissance as you awkwardly lurch your way through an Argentine Tango with Anna Trebunskaya (wanted to think of the most ‘out there’ professional, obvs) in an ill-fitted spandex suit. It’s just not going to happen. Two Kardashians have already been there – whaddup, Kim & Rob? – but here’s the question: would another tread the same path? Will it be Khloe? DWTS professional Cheryl Burke – who was paired with Rob during his season – certainly hopes so.

From Life & Style:

“Khloe’s got to do it,” Cheryl says. “I think she would be amazing. I think she would actually win the whole thing. She looks great, and I think she has natural rhythm and I think she would be amazing.”

Khloe was approached to do the show before (probably before Rob and he did it as a runner-up, of sorts) but turned it down because it’s hard as hell and “working” – other than in front of a camera – ain’t in the Kardashian vocabulary. Now that LamLam‘s been ditched from his NBA team and she doesn’t have much else going on, though, I guess I could see it happening.

I’ve said before that Khloe is my fav Kardashian and that still stands – less of the evils and all – but Dancing with the Stars is even worse than American Idol. It should be burned to the ground, never to be mentioned again.

June 2, 2013 at 10:30 am by Jennifer

3 Responses to “Will Khloe Kardashian Do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?”

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah DWTS has D list celebrities. So what the show is still a blast so basically FUCK YOU!! You yourself are nothing more than a waste of space blogging about other people’s lives so who are you to judge what’s worthy entertainment

  2. Adiletsmith says:

    I think that Khloe is so Interesting to dance with stars .

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