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Uh, So… Shakira’s “Hooked” On Breastfeeding, Will Do It ‘Til Her Kid’s In College


Shakira‘s super zany and quirky and says shit that either a) makes no sense b) is totally inappropriate, which is why we love her. (We do love her, right?) Her latest foray into the cringeworthy is an interview she did with USA Today, in which she claims that she never wants to stop breastfeeding and has become “addicted” to the practice. Yikes.

“I’m not back all the way to my old self, but I look decent now, I think,” says the singer and judge on The Voice. “What has helped me a lot was breastfeeding, and I’m so hooked, I’m telling you, I think I’m going to keep breastfeeding this baby until he goes to college because I can’t stop, ” joked Shakira.

LOL. Obviously lots of moms feel this way, and breastfeeding is beneficial for your baby, as well, so no hating there. I just think it’s hilarious when Shakira jokes about shit like breastfeeding her kid until he’s in college because that visual is just… disturbing. Also, this comes after she compared herself to a Shar Pei after giving birth. Bless her heart.