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Courtney Love Says Frances Bean Was Offered The Role of Bella In ‘Twilight’

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This isn’t really a new story – I swear Courtney Love‘s been telling this tall tale (because I really don’t believe it’s true) for years. Anyway, Frances Bean was apparently offered Kristen Stewart’s role of Bella in the Twilight films when she was only 13 (uh…) but she turned it down because even at that age, she knew it was a “sexist, Mormon piece of shit”. LOL!

Courtney and Frances have had a pretty strained relationship over the years, but Courtney likes to go on little brag sessions about Frances every once in a while like she’s a model parent and super proud of her. Maybe she is proud of Frances – after all, it takes a lot of skill not to go down the path your parents did.

From The Howard Stern Show:

“When she was 13 she was offered Twilight. She was offered Bella in Twilight… That’s a true story.”

“Somebody just saw a picture of her in a magazine, and sent me this script for Twilight. She was like, ‘That’s a sexist, Mormon piece of shit.’ She was 13. It would have destroyed her life.”

“I’m really good with my daughter right now. We’re really good.”

Oh, lord. I suppose that makes sense considering they haven’t seen each other in person for three years. Much easier to get along with someone when you don’t have to spend any time with them. Watch Courtney spinning her tales below:

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  • This sounds like a major exaggeration. There’s a HUGE difference between ‘someone saw her in a magazine and sent her a script’ vs someone actually offered her the lead role.

  • LOL @ the pic of her! She looks like a vampire zombie or an entranced vampire or something.